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  1. hey why don't u use libgralloc from indian ver. of racer rom -->http://www.mediafire.com/?6e8r5555n7a69x7 download, its backup rom ..i dn't know .got frm this forum only. :)
  2. simply extract the app from ROM and put it in other using winrar-- drag the app select "store" compression normal -> ok. done and reflash it. :) but i don't know if it works or not. u were asking for popup msg right !! then its not mms.apk its somethng other u should look correctly. :/
  3. why u need that old rom.. we have lot more updated Roms here in modaco. try miui by Equiliym.
  4. although i didn't got any issue like that.. its wrking fine. u shld wipe data after restoring.
  5. bro. after flashing RC2.5 ..miui throughing error: acore.process not responding something like that in PHONE.apk.. bro. plzz port MIUI v4. :)
  6. soon bro. waiting to see ur roms. :) bro. @equiliym.. i do ported few roms but i can't manage my net speed to upload .. anyway.. big thanks to u bro. :D
  7. @ishubham .. this the problem why i discontinued with d rom. problem is bcoz he ported from other baseband rom [LG] .. try from downloading from official site. its working finely.
  8. hello guys... m needed a help from u all.. acctually i want to know how to port phone.apk and contacts.apk from other roms like MIUI or lewa [2.3.7] to other rom [mokee (2.3.7) or any other ] . plzz help..
  9. bro.'s phone.apk and contacts r not working.. and also the editing of prxy and apn ..not working. can any one give me mirror link. http://hot22.down.115.com/gdown_hot22/3D/82/0ead76bdbe6b9f51178c64be75d222dd9ea5d036/update-mokeeos-v0.3.120318alpha-v880-release.zip?k=l16njAykVp0ucDQgY-KSJQ&t=1338705222&u= of this .. mediafire. :)
  10. i tried copying from miui and also from lewa rom.. but none worked. :( can u help me plzz
  11. could any1 tell me how can i port phone.apk and contacts.apk from other roms. i tried replacing those two apks to my rom but no luck .. it force closes when open'd ... can any1 help me in this.. :(
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