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  1. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    is there or not an update for the old zte racer II??? OMg im gone for a while and zte releases a new update.... hahahah pliz make an romdump of one 2.3.5 turkish to flash it on my phonee :)
  2. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    what did you exactly did with your phone? do you need boot recovery or system img?
  3. krystal5190

    Haret usage

    Hi everyone!.. does anyone know how to configure and use Haret on acer neotouch p300? thanks for your attention :)
  4. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    aaamm okok allright xD sorry for nno understanding xD
  5. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    it does not make any boot.img nor recovery.img?? i've make an backup and it did it fine o.O.. and I also restored my phone with cwm and also works.. I dont know why could it be..
  6. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    have you found any trouble with it? i have made a backup and its all right ^^
  7. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    but i think its because no one have information or compatiblity with this model its still a little bit unknown i think.. but in no much time i think it will be more support custom roms and all this stuff.. its happens the same to mine.. overclock doesnt work.. i resigned and im waiting for things and news
  8. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    Hey! im back again with my zte racerII.. and i have found something about this recently.. http://androidforums.com/zte-racer/509654-clockworkmod-recovery-zte-racer-ii.html that is a clockwork recovery for this terminal.. autor of this recovery says is still in progress and that he is testing it.. so im testing it too and for now its fine.. good luckk :)
  9. krystal5190

    ACER P300

    Hi, I am a newer in windows mobile OS.. so i would like to ask how can i have a dual boot with my phone (acer neotouch p300) without crashing it xD I neither would like to loose windows mobile OS but if its necessary it wont be problems.. thanks de antemano xD
  10. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    thanks men ^^ haha now i'll try to flash it.. but does anyone know how to flash a system.tar?' i cannot use adb.. only fastboot
  11. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    I used other mobile stock rom (froyo 2.2.2 as mine) but it does not work.. reboot again and again... I dont know how to flash system.tar without clockwork.. im only able to use fastboot and original recovery
  12. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    yes i can unpack easy tar extension. but i've tried to flash it in tar extension.. but doesn boot. also i tried to convert the system unpacked folder with mkyaffs2image (i thonk it is its name i dont remember) and neater works... I dont know what else i can do.. i also tried to do an update.zip to flash from my original recovery.. but it doesnt work (installation aborted status 2).. i dont know what does it means.. but anyway im trying to find an original system.img from froyo.. if i flash an original froyo system.img could work?
  13. krystal5190

    Flash system.tar

    Hi! i've got an zte racer II(p728b) and I erased syste partition accidentally... i have searched a romdump for this model (i dont have mine) and i found two.. both with system.tar no system .img as it was supposed to be to flash it with fastboot.. my question is.. there is not any posibilty of flashing system.tar to system partition directly with fastboot?? or change format .tar to .img?? I need to do all this with fastboot because my phone does not boot.. it gets stuck in zte logo. thanks
  14. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    i have already fixed an issue with fastboot and it does really work in this mobile, i can fastboot system.img boot.img also but i dont have a romdump for my mobile.. y tried greece omdump but it doesnt work... im tryin to fix by myself because i lost my warranty when i rooted it... but anyway i'll try to give then the mobile..
  15. krystal5190

    ZTE Racer II?

    i dont have my romdump thats why i was asking @Molesto to upload againg, i've zte racerII from spanish mobile company tu... cwm isnt available for this model i've original system recovery

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