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  1. ok kr0m i'll try it....thanks anyway! A walkthrought with this adb???i'm not familiar with this...please give me instructions!
  2. Hello guys!!!I need your help to acces the recovery mode on the zteblade...vol down and power up is not working...i mention that i made all the things necesarily and that right now i've installed cm10 4.2.2, but now i can't acces the recovery mode...if i try to acces it it get stuck at the android green logo and the backlight stays red...if i turn it on normally is working buti have many errors on the soft...it's very laggy and many applications doesn't work...what else can i try in order to acces de recovery manager and change the current rom???
  3. Man i've found this from zte skate: If you have time try to look at this,or port a different rom with the beats audio:)!
  4. ok i understand...let me look for another worthy rom and i let you know:)!I'm looking for a rom with awesome beats!
  5. Hy man i've a question for you???can you port this to our's blade???
  6. Just tried this rom...it's fast and pretty good but i've the same probleme with detecting usb!
  7. thank you man for your hard work...because of you and the other guys my blade is a special phone for me!
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