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  1. ja verifiquei... gen 2.. isso é mais do que confirmado xD already verified, gen 2 for sure
  2. o unico prob é que com a rom original ele funciona bem :/ assim eles n me fazem nada.... lol the only problem is that with original rom it works well so warranty wont work...
  3. hello guys, i don t know if u can help me, but i have a zte sapo a5 and my bluetooth only works well with stock rom any other rom makes my bt to only start sometimes, it still work when i can turn on but that is a pain... i can turn on 1 in 10 times...if lucky...
  4. it works for me too but after install GAPPS it stops working again :/ how did u manage to get it working?
  5. i don t know why, bluetooth stays on " turning on" and youtube app crash. i can t even open it
  6. tilal i' d like to make a personal request, don' t know if its possible but , can you manage to implement one option to use wifi before we conect to gapps? for example, when i install the rom, there's a option to restore phone, but it consumes trafic, so if we could turn on wifi before it conects it would be great xD. thanks
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