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  1. @Dazzozo thanks for your awesome work on this ROM, I remember the endless hours you put into getting CM on the g300 and spent a lot of time lurking in the IRC channel following your trials and tribulations ( along with faughalus???) I'm mightily impressed with this ROM and its running well. Some random reboots(seem to be when high I/O) but miles better than stock for me ( really surprised at just how laggy and unresponsive the phone was out of the box. I assume its a combination of poorly optimised drivers/firmware, lower end specs (mainly RAM?). So a huge thanks for all your efforts and hard work and kudos deserved for giving so many of us the ability to improve our phones :-) Out of interest how many times are these nightlies being downloaded? Tens of people? Hundreds?
  2. lol @ OS "Real Jerrybeam 4.1" on this phone http://www.fastcardtech.com/HDC-Galaxy-Note-2-Lord
  3. I'm probably going to grab this https://www.pcworld....r-just-158.html from here http://www.kogan.com/uk/buy/agora-50-dual-core-smartphone/ It seems pretty decent, and probably more reliable than a random chinese seller??? Comes with 12 month UK warranty :)
  4. Did you create an ext3 or ext4 partition? If so open links2sd and it should ask you how it was formatted, then it will create some script and ask you to reboot. You can then open the app again and you should be able to link any apps you want...be careful moving system apps though. As for choosing internal or external its up to you. 1 other thing to try is downloading apps2sd and that wi l show you the apps that can be moved natively( no root needed)
  5. It could be a problem with the type of files you are trying to play. Try installing mxplayer from the play store and see if that will playback successfully. Failing that, i would format your sd card and try again
  6. Ive had exactly the same problems with my class 4 sandisk 32gb card. Entire directories randomly disappearing and random unmounts, bloody annoying! I think a lot of people have this problem with this phone.
  7. Since that post daz made I think they have pinpointed the root of the wifi reboot issue. So it would make sense for that fix to be included before a release. However there is a huge difference between knowing whats causing the hangs and fixing it. The imminent release might not be so imminent... but when it does drop you will be even happier :) Of course take what I say with a pinch of salt, as its just speculation:)
  8. I get random unmounts too. Had it on every ROM I think, continuously losing s*** and finding it in LOST.DIR I'm pretty sure its the phone and not the card....as don't get problems with same card in a galaxy ace its a pita
  9. I got error when trying to flash something about bad zip? I will download again :)
  10. I'd be happy to host it, I will need a bit of help setting it up as I really don't have a clue about linux + hosting etc :lol: All i use it for atm is seeding footy matches @ a small private tracker and to download stuff from usenet etc and then sftp to my home. I have webmin installed if that helps?
  11. I have nearly a weeks worth of logs if you want them? Also got a dedicated 100mbit server if you want to utilise that somehow?
  12. CM9 is pretty sweet, i would have stuck with CM10 but after a few days of the screen never going off fully I got a bit worried that it might damage it long term?? The 1st flash of CM9 worked great for a day or so, then I started having mobile data connection issues... browsing still worked, but HTTP downloads wouldn't, neither would sftp transfers from my box. However after reflashing I haven't had any issues for a few days :thumbsup: As for not having a dedicated thread here, thats completely undestandable..the less time the devs answer questions here, the more time they have to do their magic. If you really want the link, I would suggest joining the IRC chan and asking there... on the proviso that its still in dev stage, so don't expect support. @Scrutulatus I have logs for the last week if you haven't already got them? Let me know
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