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  1. ok :) for now i''ll try for now to remove some apps because i'ts too difficult to live withou all my apps.thx
  2. i don't know if i understend you right but the problems are random restarts not battery drain..
  3. yesterday made clean install, default options, no overclocking and no s2e, just default options, didn't mess with preferences. I used s2e on 4.1 but didn't have time to play with it on 4.2
  4. How many random reboots do you have? I have often when i open friendcaster and google play its like ~25% posibility to crash in those apps. Also sometimes in normal use but not that often. Is it normal for this rom? I wiped data, cache, dalvik, installed rom from the beginning and nothing changed. I'll tried diffrenet app for facebook but it also crashed very often.
  5. i can confirm battery drain also, but i don't know if mobile data is the reason
  6. Hi. Can i switch off lock screen widgets? how? if not, can i at least switch off camera widget? because those widgets are working slow/laggy, especially camera. sometimes it turns on by itself when i have it in my pocket and it eats battery:/ does someone also have problems with video recording?
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