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  1. Hahaha..Actually I was expecting a smoother and snappier rom, but this one didn't quite live up to my expectations. :P Reverting back to CM10 for now. :huh:
  2. Has anyone tested the latest update? I have just flashed it and it seems really sluggish. Don't know why though. :| Is there anyone else who's experiencing the same problem or is it just me? :o Please suggest some solution :) By the way a big thanks to the developer whose constant efforts have finally led our blade to run Jellybean 4.2 :D
  3. The 28/06 update is a battery drainer. :mellow: Apart from that, it works like a charm. Almost perfect for daily usage. ;)
  4. Hey can you tell me the steps to install this manually, without clockworkmod recovery?
  5. Hey I have a Desire Z (Indian) which is running on Android 2.3 with Sense (Stock). I want to install Virtuous ROM. Do I need to S-off it first? Please give me the list of steps I should follow! Thanks ^_^
  6. The zip file contains "recovery.img" too. So will it overwrite my current recovery? Is the recovery working fine?
  7. And please make a similar package for conversion of CM7 into MIUI also, as CM9 is currently not much stable!
  8. @Tilal Sir in your upcoming release, rectify the proximity sensor problem too (And if possible, the video camera and image preview! ). Apart from these things, the rom looks perfect!
  9. Here's a video which I found a week ago. Take a look. http://www.youtube.c...feature=related
  10. Okay THANKS :D And I'm not worried about the problems of beta version, I just want an ICS experience on my Blade! ;)
  11. Hey, my partition size is System - 220MB Data - 162MB Cache - 37MB (Stock Gen2 Partition (DELL XCD35)) And I DO NOT have any ext partition on SD card, and I'm currently running on CM7.1 Will flashing of this ROM create any problems? Do we need any special partitioning on SD card?
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