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  1. Although the hudl lets us past the update stage it does not update to lollipop so a lot of the stuff in play store is not compatible with it
  2. Ok for those of you having problems with the home button I have found an app called "multi-action home button" which puts a small area at the bottom of your screen and you can program it to open your launcher. ... Still experimenting and looking for that update. This works on Hudl1 and Hudl2 for me though my original hudl home button works fine too
  3. I have tried BuddyB's workaround to work on both the Hudl1 and the Hudl2 ... I am now looking into an easy way to root and upgrade the Android system on both hudl's they are not as easy to root and upgrade as normal Android phones.
  4. Ok try this when you setup the second user ... install your launcher under the second user too ... I've got four out of date hudls and this has worked on all of them for restoring the hudl home button .. also i have another three hudl 2 which update perfectly fine after reset and updating through tesco server... so not all hudls act the same
  5. Ok to get the Hudl home button to work set your launcher as device administrator ..... How to make app device administrator? How do I enable or disable a device administrator app? Go to Settings. Do one of the following: Tap Security & location > Device admin apps. Tap Security > Device admin apps. Tap Security > Device administrators. Tap a device administrator app. Choose whether to activate or deactivate the app. Getting there slowly
  6. Adding another user was a good idea .. to get the home button to work properly I had to set my apex launcher as default in android app settings now everytime I press Hudl home button it launches my own launcher
  7. Chose apex cos it begins with an A ... any launcher will do
  8. Stuck on pending ... go to settings >apps and uninstall updates for google play ... or you will be pending forever lol
  9. Just found out you can also update google and say "ok google launch apex launcher" and Google will launch it for you
  10. I find i still get the start screen... but it disappears after a few seconds.. also kill the hudl setup using system apps in the start up manager .. if most apps have a way of using the keyboard so you can mostly always get back to chrome i do not update the keyboard. I set google play as my home page and launch apex launcher from there.
  11. At the select WiFi screen choose other network then hold and press the comma (,) then choose send feedback then click on policy and terms to get to the chrome internet explorer
  12. I have a work around for this .... Use the long press on , to access chrome ... Install apex launcher and also install startup manager which allows you to run apex launcher at startup. When you next turn on the hudl just wait at the start screen eventually the start up manager will launch the apex launcher ... Not perfect but better than a bricked hudl :-)
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