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  1. is it possible to get it work on note 2 ? the me widget?
  2. thanks but i use the launcher on my note 2 with stock JB rom, and everything works fine from the link, wich tillaz post here expect the "me widget"...does your link fix this ? ?
  3. paul does the app work for you atm?
  4. yeah this would be nice :) by the way are there some news about the black screen ?
  5. Yes unable to open facebook and messenger too...mhh i think when we find a method to get it work it is friday..;) I tried some methodes this night but every time..black screen...is there anyone with a working home ??? Or are all screens black?! That would interest me...
  6. This method work for me i can login but i have a black screen. Uninstall katana...download playstore facebook app..login...make a backup via titanium backup...uninstall playstore app...install katana ...restore the backup over it...it says that it doenst work but it does. Than reboot. And voila you have acess to home you see your photo but a black screen.
  7. I renamed it but nothing happend??? I reinstalled it and now it doesent work...i used it a hole day on my note 2
  8. On xda there is a comment that you must change your build prop to htc myst one...than it works..
  9. i did it with One X. best phone ever :) but i think about buying the Note 2 :)
  10. on One X it works and look nice :) but there are some issues like camera so it isnt useful for me :)
  11. @ tillaz i sold my skate and now i have an htc one x..:) i buy it for 200 € i think it is wonderful :D do you like to port atomic to one X ?! :D its a great rom and i miss it :)
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