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  1. I think once it's complete it should be pinned tbh, handy to have everything in one place
  2. From Daz's original post... This ROM only "works" on the 109808 baseband until the new RIL implementation has been reversed. If you flash this currently to your phone with a 2030 baseband, no mobile network features will work. So you need a B8xx rom on, not a B9xx
  3. I had the exact same problem last night. Decided to go back to stock after flashing ICS last week, then going back to B888 via the IMEI hack. Managed to reinstall B882, then OTA to B885, then a second OTA to B892. Wi-Fi was fine up until the final OTA, the phone flatly refused to connect to my router. Luckily, when i first got the phone i'd made a CWM backup after the initial OTA to B892, so i installed ClockWork Mod and flashed the nandroid backup, Wi-Fi working fine now. As it was mentioned further up this post, it seend there's a bad driver issue, or, as was also mentioned, ICS leaves a footprint on the phone which means a true return to stock isn't possible. I'm leaving well alone for now.
  4. OSF2, flashed the relevant kernel immediately after the rom. Nothing is set to autosync, wifi and bluetooth haven't been on today. Mobile network was on for maybe 10 minutes at lunchtime, in fact the phone has mostly been inactive today due to being busy at work. So surely the stats should be showing deep sleep as the majority, instead of 122MHz ?
  5. I have an OSF, just flashed the kernel immediately after the rom
  6. Thanks iharrybao, really nice rom :) Flashed it last night, works absolutely fine. What's the wallpaper and clock shown in the first screenshot ?
  7. Another excellent rom, cheers to all comcerned :) third time i've flashed my phone in the space of a week, v5, v5.1 and now v6. Titanium Backup is worth it's weight in gold for these rom swaps, just makes it effortless. Keep up the good work everyone :)
  8. I had a few left off my HTC Desire. They're spot on width wise and the height goes from the bottom of the front camera to just above the home etc buttons. Could be an easy fix for anyone who's stuck.
  9. Thanks for the reply Titas. Decided to go ahead and try it anyway, all's working fine. No sync keyboard issues and front facing camera works fine too. Big thanks to all involved
  10. Great work mate :D One question from me-i'm currently using [ROM] FLB2 - Completely Debranded GB ROM r2a http://android.modac...ded-gb-rom-r2a/ Now, after flashing the rom i immediately had to flash the stock OSFII kernel because i had the problem with the out of sync touchscreen and keyboard. Was just wondering if any of the other users on here had this rom on their phone and if the sync problem returns with this kernel flash ? Cheers in advance.
  11. Had the wonky keyboard problem myself so reflashed the rom and the stock kernel immediately after. Problem solved, great site and cheers to all who contribute to it :)
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