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  1. vidalix

    Lewa Os Italian Translation

    scusate l'ot, ma volevo chiedere a ltpitt se ha poi risolto il bug del kernel di technolover 1.3/1.5 dei lag una volta aperta la fotocamera o guardato un video e se si come ha fatto... grazie!
  2. vidalix

    any news about superandrex?

    very sad! :(
  3. as the title says... where is superandrex?
  4. vidalix

    Lewa OS Liquid Mt (new version)

    is based on the stock fw or cm7/miui? in any case has it the data/128 usim problems?
  5. i've notice this kernel has the same problem of the 1.3... after open camera or play a video the fps are at 43! :( is possible to fix it in any way?
  6. vidalix

    hardware acceleration on gingerbread

    why? i've read in the web that on other devices with gingerbread it can be done! however, try to install Blade Buddy from the market, it's a free application that do it (only for root users)! :blink: in any case, to enable hw acceleration you can change in build.prop the line "debug.sf.hw=0" in "debug.sf.hw=1" and reboot... first make a nandroid or a copy of the build.prop. see also http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1533688 for other build.prop tweaks!
  7. hi all... is it a possible thing? and if so... how to make it?
  8. vidalix

    Acer S120 Service guide

    are you joking lens?
  9. vidalix

    [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    what do you mean "nothing, a void without android.."?
  10. vidalix

    [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    you're right... but don't worry, i think you can do it well!!! just a bit of time!!! :P great work!!!
  11. vidalix

    [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    in which sense "things are so bad"?
  12. vidalix

    [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    ok... in any case great job.... great lens, thank you!!! :)
  13. vidalix

    [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    so now mobile data and camera are working?
  14. also for me thank you very much!!!

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