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  1. Wallpapers, WiFi and USB working perfectly! :D I use Airdroid to transfer files through WiFi. Just missing the FM Radio (I don't need it anyway :P) Edit: By the way, it's normal that in my blade shows up 416 Mem?
  2. Thank you Zeelog! My blade it's perfect with your rom! I have just an issue.. I can't send/receive MMS.. Anyone facing the same problem? EDIT: Solved! I just needed to download APN Portugal. Why my blade just shows 416mb RAM?
  3. Hi, I was using the latest cm 10.2 rom and MMS were working fine. I dind't have to turn on data mobile to receive it, but with this rom i can't receive any MMS. Do i have to install an APN app?
  4. My bluetooth doesn't detect other devices... Or can't be detected. Any solution!?
  5. Hi, i have last build of cm 10.1 (11.2) and when I end a call the beep sound get out by the speaker. It's possible to change that?
  6. Someone is having problems sending MMS with Go SMS Pro? With the native app i can send MMS perfectly...
  7. I'm using LCD Density Modder Pro and i can't change DPI. Freezes at start. Any solution?
  8. Same Here... Any Solution?! EDIT: Download this fix: http://bzlink.us/j1ycrd2ib0x5/CM9-Bluetooth-Fix.zip.html Worked with me
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