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  1. yeah, me too, no idea .. tried with 2 or 3 different recoverys with no luck .. but the funniest thing.., there are a lots of people around here, who have G3 too, and almost nobody having this issue when flashing any JB rom, just me :D i've asked this question at the chinese forum, but nothing.. . somebody told me, to try to ask new simcards at my mobile operator .. right now, i'm doing it thanks anyway
  2. have you got anybody, any idea why is my G3 having the same issue like this rom (com.process.phone fails on boot)?! .. i mean, i've tried a lots of JB rom (lewa, miui, etc) .. but all the time, the same problem .. how did you fixed it? any advice appreciated cheers.lazlo
  3. i don't know why, but since i flashed this rom (CM 7.2 RC1 v1.2) my battery holds more longer :) My phone (A1) is switched on, 1 day and 2 hours ago, and my battery is still 70% :P Big thanks for all of the dev's ^.^
  4. Yes, sorry .. my bad :) .. cause, when i bought my Liquid i thought it's an "E" .. i was a noOb :D .. anyway, reflashed everything, made a clean restart, and it seems my phone is okay .. no freezes so far, swap / a2sd / ad2sd is working the rom is a little bit slower then Ginger, but still usable .. and really like the ICS ... thank you for your hard work!! and about mtp, after the "new start", now my PC recognise the phone like an "MTP device", not "Unknown Acer device" .. so something changed .. but still not working ... and another BIG Thank you, wherefore you're trying to get XP compatible acer driver :) .. Cheers :)
  5. Sadly, i'm using Liquid A1 (256MB) .. so i need swap ... but i had swap earlier (with Liquidnext) .. and that wasn't a problem .. my phone never freezed like this :/ anyway, i'm trying everything again .. made new swap / ext partition, wiped everything again .. and flashing at the moment really strange thing.. in the first two post, there is .. if i want to enable swap, i need a2sd script ("Enable SWAP: Install a2sd script it's an easy way to get it working") .. but somebody told me, not to flash "dtapps2sd-" cause i don't need it maybe me fault, but this two things is different or the same?! .. or the beta3 rom already have a2sd script .. and automaticly enabling the swap partition, if it's exist?! yes, my first thing was to install "USB_Acer_1.0_A40I_A.zip" .. and after when it wasn't worked ..i installed Windows Media Player 11, .. nothing changed ... but this is not the biggest problem .. cause i can live without usb mass storage, or MTP device, if my phone not freezing
  6. i have liquidnext 1.9.2 before cm9 ICS .. and with gingerbread .. i have no freezes at all .. i don't think it's a hardware problem anyway, thx yeah, i made it in CWM, 256MB i think .. but i'm not sure is it working or not .. in liquidparts, it shows .. "swap is on" .. but i don't no .. and another strange thing .. after i enable a2sd in liquidparts .. it would like to reboot .. and after reboot .. a2sd is still off already installed WM11 from microsoft.com (cause i saw in another forum, that i haveto).. but still not working .. i have an "unknown acer" device in device manager with no driver and another question .. is there a tool or something where i can check .. my swap, ext partition is working? .. like in a2sdgui ..or liquidnext parts SDMAN?! thanks for your helps ..
  7. yeah, okay ... this is clean i think :) .. but sadly, my xp sp3 can't see my phone .. but installed from microsoft.com .. some MTP driver, or what .. and have you got any idea, why have i a lots of freeze? .. not reboot, just freeze .. i have this same issue when i was on liquidnext, and tried to overclock .. but now, i didn't tried it .. everything is default .. .
  8. yeah, meanwhile i managed .. wiped everything again .. and flash without that .. and working ... but another problem .. all the time the phone freeze, even i change the wallpaper, or other simple thing .. i have to take out the battery :"( ... another thing i managed .. no more USB mass storage? .. cause, when i plug the usb cable ... the mass storage mode is grey, can't select it, only MTP and PTP .. or what the hell :/ any other idea? :)
  9. sorry guys .. i have a little problem with cm9 - installed CWM (from beta3) with no problem - entered CWM, and made swap-ext partition - wiped everything, like in post 2 - flashed "update-cm-9.0.0-RC0-Liquid-WAG-Team-salsa-UNOFFICIAL-signed.zip" + "dtapps2sd-" + "gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip" + "cm9b3-softr_fix-signed.zip" without any reboot ... and after reboot, i only see "Acer" screen .. don't want to boot the OS .. if i remove battery, i can reenter CWM with no problem .. but no boot, or bootscreen .. nothing am i did something bad? anybody could help? thx
  10. mee too +1 a week or two ago, i'd like to flash the exact same bin like "Brunkarn" couse i have A1 too, but nothing happened When i started the tool, it said "Not connected" .. and there was no step forward ... and also i have installed drivers too (i'm using Xp Sp3) The sticky with "4.1- How to flash a .bin file " is a bit "complicated" to me .. hmm .. this is not the right word, i can understand it, but not happening in "real" xD
  11. yeah, i know that app, i used it when i was on eclair (2.1) .. and thank you for the information, about launchers and with their widgets .. i didn't know that before .. but indeed, it's logical :-) i think i will search around for a "new" launcher .. cause Xperia's stuff is a bit laggy for me sometimes .. i'm using Launcher pro 0.8.6 for a long time ago .. but it haven't got any own weather / clock widgets .. thanks anyway, cheers
  12. yeah, i have an A1 too .. and how do you know, which widget use how many ram? cause, example .. when i checked my running apps, i can't see Xperia weather widget, only the others ... and after installed a process manager, i could see my own weather widget uses 3.23MB and the xperia widget only 0,64MB .. i mean, did you check all the time, if you have a new widget, or app installed on your phone? ..and the other thing, which i can't understand .. my weather widget is a "service process", but the otfer one is a "background process" .. i think this is memory management question .. . xD
  13. found a solution (for now) xD :D uninstalled Xperia Weather Widget ( it was 6MBs!! :-/ ) .. and installed THIS really cool, and it has got transparency feature ;-P (Xperia's is nicer, but if it shows only for hours: "No connection" is bad for me) p.s.: sorry, this was a little bit offtopic by me :$
  14. Are you using Froyo (2.2) Rom?! ... if yes, maybe there is a solution :-) When i was using FroyoMetal v3.1 rom, i was in the same situation ... but flashed via malez this: Original AudioLibs.zip .. and the problem solved Don't forget to make a nandroid, in case xD Hope it helps cheers
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