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  1. get an adapter from maplin... 79p and use any headphones you want
  2. not sure how many will already know this but i've seen some questions about it so.... if you want to watch a movie and keep the backlight on.. do this first... settings > power management > backlight timeout -> 'never' then reset to whatever when you're done watching.
  3. i skinned my media player... it was looking sweet... and i changed that nasty 'smartphone 2002' screen... wicked.. but on reboot they go back to how they were.. is there any way to perm change them.. or shall i just never turn my phone off?!
  4. thanks guys.... i just un synced... then connected again and it let me delete it ?! cool
  5. you know.... it would be wicked if anyone that converted a movie could put it online somewhere for downloads.... for people that don't have the kit to convert themselves maybe ?
  6. have you tried unchecking scale page in the options menu ?
  7. great.... all done... apart from the fact that i accidentaly put the file and not a shortcut to it in my games folder.. and now i can't get rid of it ?... it say it's protected..?.. any ideas?
  8. ok... can anyone out there give me some advice on the best way to convert a huge avi or mpg into a smaller file for viewing on my spv... i have found loads of movies to get and want to stick them on cards so i can watch goodfellas on the tube ?
  9. come on... some one must know something... if they can make a pc a tv then surely they can for this?????
  10. but that would be a peach wouldn't it.... there's a market there surely..... what'll it be sir ?.... goodfellas... arrr.. there you go... enjoy your tube journey !
  11. where did you get the star wars card from ?... any other movies out there available?!
  12. 1 - the flash plugin 2 - a tv plugin / program if anyone one knows that either exist then WICKED!.... till then.. someone save us !
  13. is that where all the alarm sounds and schemes are kept ?... cos i really can't find it there ?.. anywhere else it could be ?
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