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  1. It's ok! I manage to fix the Blade already, but just gave up of the TPT thing, don't want to brick this onde again haha.
  2. Mine is a chinese Blade, do you know any guide for them? This one specifically says that will not work. :(
  3. Yeah, I used the TPT Helper and yet the phone bricked haha. I repair it here, don't even know how, but it's all ok, apparently. After all, flashed the rom and it's work really fine here, just some apps like Facebook or Instagram that still have some issues, like pics which never up and things like this. I'll give a try, if something goes wrong, back to Eco CM7! Thx, dude!
  4. Ok, ahn... i try to do the TPT thing everything and goes wrong, now my Blade doesen't even turn on, just keep at the Android logo,then it goes to the left side of the screen for ever and ever. Looks like I f*ck everything, bro. Edit: Problem solved, but I'll not try this TPT again, just keep with the 220 /system and whatever haha. Is there any other way to do it?
  5. Yeah, I'll do this. Btw, i've never did this TPT thing before, so... should I do it before or after flash the rom? Thanks and sorry for my english, it's not my native language haha.
  6. Hi, jventura, so, I run the Blade Checker here and it show me this specifications: Current partition sizes: System: 220 MB Data: 162 MB Cache: 37 MB Is it good to try this rom or should I keep the Eco CM7/Swedish Snow RLS7?

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