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  1. Im currently using an iPhone 4, and a ZTE Blade. Liking the custom roms more then the stock ones though :)
  2. Is there a way to disable the animation when the screen goes off? Edit: And I would like to know if there is a possibility to add a music widget to the lockscreen. And if you can enable 4 bars or gestures on the lockscreen.
  3. The rom Cyanogen currently has my preference. But I'm always open for new things . Could someone verify for me if the following features are present on Fish 'n Chips? (or are there things in Fish 'n Chips that Cyanogen doesn't have?) Remove notifications from the menu Application sounds go softer instead of mute when you get a notification Musicplayer and battery widget on the lockscreen Quite hours option Disable boot animations for faster boottimes
  4. After reading your messages I've narrowed it down to two roms: Cyanogen or Swedish Snow (if the last one is as stable as Moldovan). Thanks for your help so far guys/girls!
  5. Hello, I finally purchased a ZTE Blade. After looking around for a suitable rom to put on my device, I can't decide which one it will be. Since I like to do things good the first time, I don't want to try out all the roms. I have been looking for a few hours now to find a comparison of the roms, but I can't seem to find one. I have narrowed it down to 5 options, all with their pro's and cons: Moldovan - Quick and very clean, no needless options. Swedish Snow (2.3) - A copy/newer version of Moldovan. Cyanogen - A bit slow, but more options (nowhere I can find which options are in this rom, that aren't in others). Blue Ginger - Better 3g battery life (I always have 3g on). Ginger Stir Fry - Fast, but not as fast as Moldovan. Things I expect from a custom rom: Enable tethering for my MacBook Pro Better battery life That it is faster then the stock rom Things I am a bit worried about: Stability. I want everything to work, with little to no crashes. Which rom suits my needs the best? I don't care about overclocking.
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