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  1. Really great rom. Stable and smooth. First tried the non cm rom but I was missing something. This one together with Franco kernel is a nice combo. Do you update the kitchen soon again? That would be nice.
  2. I am on a Mac. And I use Android File Transfer which was not working on BLFB. And I am not the only one I found out on xda forum. But anyway may be Paul will have a fix if he updates the kitchen.
  3. Today I have tried a BLFB ROM and I had to flash a LF2 kernel back to get MTP working again. That seems to be a bug on BLFB. Just to let you know. So I am back on ALF2 MCR Ir1.
  4. Actually I also like Lux and used it a lot. But if you put these values into the framework you don't need an app. Tht's why I ask for it.
  5. Hi Paul, I have made a new bake without EPM so I am able to flash the autobrightness fix again. Could you please put higher levels in the framework-res? I asked before but for me the phone is still too dark in house. I use the AB_3 fix from xda which really looks nice in- and outside. I would even prefer one extra value like 90 in between if possible. This are the values: Stock AB1 AB2 AB3 20 25 30 40 80 100 120 130 130 165 195 200 190 235 240 240 255 255 255 255
  6. Thank you Sir :). Fantastic. Another self cooked ROM with odex files and everything is working fine.
  7. Paul could you please add some more brightness to the framework-res b.t.w.? At the moment I use the MOD from XDA "..._LB3 odexed" http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1695559. And it's great. But if you start changing the framework-res we cannot use that kind of fixes anymore.
  8. Screen redraw is the same than stock. But if you set both animation options in Development settings to 0.5 the redraw gets faster :). The hole experience on the phone actually :). Almost no issue anymore than..
  9. Cooked ROM with kitchen and everything is working fine. No problems at all with installation. Also Odex Me worked fine for me. Thank you for your good work.
  10. I have ECHO issues too. Also the in call volume cannot be adjusted. And the camera is much too bright, if I put it to -1 it is fine. But it will FC sometimes. Hope you get it done. Almost cannot wait for a real nice CM9 on this monster :).
  11. How is the picture quality compared to stock camera? I want to try this rom as I miss cm9 very much since I sold my GN. Will there be a update soon?
  12. It would make our lives a lot easier and we are sure all apps are included. No missing YouTube or stuff like that.
  13. I really hope you get this done. I have used and built CM9 for my Galaxy Nexus before I bought the ONE X and liked it a lot. Yesterday I tried a MIUI beta version for the ONE X and it had the Sense camera in it. So you should be able to port it. That would be really nice.
  14. There is also a new version of Nova Launcher. And as kernel I use Trinity_NP-Any-384 with 1350MHz CPU And 384 GPU clock and SetCpu for set the minimum to 700MHz and ondemand. If I leave it @350 I loose connection. It's very smooth and good on battery too. And also GPS is working fine for me.
  15. You could also use MoreQuicklyPanel to have even nicer notificationbuttuns with going into settings as well and have battery percentage in it too. I use this app and really like it. Check for it in the market.
  16. Thank you for the lockscreen fixation. For the rest keep up the good work this beta Rom is better than the stock one I bought the Nexus with.
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