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  1. Thanks to both. Tried the mouse first and was surprised to see it working. Reformatted the usb stick and used ES Favourites to access it - havent tried other file managers but sure they'd have worked also, ES makes it easy though. thanks again.
  2. I have tried an external hard drive before, but its formatted to ntfs i guess - didnt work. I have tried reformatting my usb stick - doesnt work. The usb stick is a good one, works flawlessly in pc. i have used AUDI tools also but still doesnt work.
  3. Many thanks Ian. However i have tried all of this. My usb stick (4gb) is already fat32 - which ive read is compatible. I used 2 different file managers, and located the correct directories but they are empty.
  4. :blush: Can't believe I didnt notice this. i went through the 'Settings' with a fine tooth comb. Thanks.... still not recognising my usb stick though, i get nothing when i plug it in, set it to usb host, tried everything, rebooting, etc. Checked with 'Astro' and other file managers. any ideas?
  5. I write this reluctantly but i have spent a painful amount of hours searching for a solution without success. I have installed ICS on my Advent Vega, but it wouldnt recognise usb devices or my computer which i run XP. I created a virtual pc with Vista and it picked the vega up and automatically installed drivers so i can now move files back and forth successfully. woohoo. What i wanted now was to have the vega recognise usb sticks, but i get nothing. From the forums i have been researching they mention 'usb host' i dont know what this is, my question is Am i missing something simple? Is there anywhere on the vega setting that i have to click 'connect as usb storage' or the like. Much obliged.
  6. I have followed the post and sucessfully have been using a custom rom for about a month with no problems. (For reasons that I never expected) I need to revert the phone back to how it was when New. The phone already had gingerbread when i bought it, can someone please explain in simple terms how i can revert back to its original state. I never created a backup, because the step by step instructions here never suggested it. Can I just use this http://support.acer.com/product/default.aspx?modelId=3460 ? Any help would be really really appreciated.
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