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  1. fabiorino


    Great rom but i have to report a bug. In some applications with the default android background, there's a black box at the bottom of the screen. Is there a way to fix it?
  2. fabiorino

    Cm 10.1 for acer liquid metal it is possible

    The problems are the camera and the mobile data. If he is able to fix them, everyone sholud be happy to make a collection. Meanwhile, he could use your phone for tests and post here the results. I problemi sono la fotocamera e la connessione dati. Se è capace di correggerli, tutti quanti dovrebbero essere felici di contribuire ad una colletta. Nel frattempo, potrebbe usare il tuo telefono per effettuare dei test e postare i risultati qui.
  3. Amazing! Added on http://www.mtroms.altervista.org
  4. fabiorino

    MTRoms - A new website for us!

    Don tsnm thank you, but alredy done
  5. fabiorino

    MTRoms - A new website for us!

    The text is big because there's a few content. I like it. Sorry for the "liquid metal" big image, can't find a higher resolution picture. EDIT: Improved image quality (hard refresh your page for 2 times with shif+f5)
  6. fabiorino

    MTRoms - A new website for us!

    Thank you for your reply. I'll add the roms. Just say if you like the interface :)
  7. Do you remember I was working on a new website? It's online. http://www.mtroms.altervista.org Leave a comment.
  8. fabiorino

    new site for acer liquid metal(work in progres)

    Emm... I said that I was working on it too...
  9. fabiorino

    [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    Java error still remain, the problem is that if i check with java -version, results that i have java 1.6
  10. fabiorino

    New website for Roms and Mods

    I talked to Acer-. I'm working on it
  11. fabiorino

    [Help][CM9]In search of new PC

    Oh my god!! I tested your cm9: if you open the camera, it crashes the first time. But if you open it again, it will open but you can't see the preview, anyway, i tried to make a photo. The camera crashed but.... i could se the photo into the notification bar like... a glitch and probably only black and white... I opened the gallery, but there wasn't the photo. I flashed again gingerbread and there wasn't the photo too... I know seems crazy, but now the camera partially working!! I tried this 3 times and always worked!
  12. fabiorino

    [Help][CM9]In search of new PC

    Keep us updated :-)
  13. fabiorino


    Ok, let's try this!
  14. fabiorino

    Configuring leds for whatsapp

    Doesn't work with red and green using t&l metal.
  15. fabiorino

    Configuring leds for whatsapp

    I know, but if you set white it doesn't work so i tried the cyanogenmod settings (red for messages and green for calls).

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