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  1. Great rom but i have to report a bug. In some applications with the default android background, there's a black box at the bottom of the screen. Is there a way to fix it?
  2. The problems are the camera and the mobile data. If he is able to fix them, everyone sholud be happy to make a collection. Meanwhile, he could use your phone for tests and post here the results. I problemi sono la fotocamera e la connessione dati. Se è capace di correggerli, tutti quanti dovrebbero essere felici di contribuire ad una colletta. Nel frattempo, potrebbe usare il tuo telefono per effettuare dei test e postare i risultati qui.
  3. The text is big because there's a few content. I like it. Sorry for the "liquid metal" big image, can't find a higher resolution picture. EDIT: Improved image quality (hard refresh your page for 2 times with shif+f5)
  4. Thank you for your reply. I'll add the roms. Just say if you like the interface :)
  5. Do you remember I was working on a new website? It's online. http://www.mtroms.altervista.org Leave a comment.
  6. Java error still remain, the problem is that if i check with java -version, results that i have java 1.6
  7. I talked to Acer-. I'm working on it
  8. Oh my god!! I tested your cm9: if you open the camera, it crashes the first time. But if you open it again, it will open but you can't see the preview, anyway, i tried to make a photo. The camera crashed but.... i could se the photo into the notification bar like... a glitch and probably only black and white... I opened the gallery, but there wasn't the photo. I flashed again gingerbread and there wasn't the photo too... I know seems crazy, but now the camera partially working!! I tried this 3 times and always worked!
  9. Doesn't work with red and green using t&l metal.
  10. I know, but if you set white it doesn't work so i tried the cyanogenmod settings (red for messages and green for calls).
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