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  1. You never stop to Amaze me Trip! To bad I handed my sensation a few days ago to my GF, I brought a Galaxy S2. Please tell me your next phone will be a SGSII !!!!!
  2. Did you tried fixing permissions from recovery?
  3. Just Flashed this. let the rom do it's job for at least 15 minutes, reboot in recovery and fix permission twice. boot again. you will see a noticeable increase in smoothness, graphical glitches are present but im sure trip will iron them flat. Ran a Quadrant benchmark and got 2174 Antutu 4326 CF-bench overall score 3465
  4. Trip, you are unstoppable! This will end better than Endevour's for sure Gonna flash it tonight after work. Thanks as always!!
  5. I think this would make a better base for Trip's Sense 4 rom than the endeavour leak
  6. Re downloaded the Rom (This time from my Home internet connection) Flashed it again and.... This thing Flies!!! ...Damn Trip, HTC should employ you!!
  7. Mine's is crashing when sense tries to load. Flashing it again right now....
  8. Thanks Trip!!! U R the man!
  9. Damn Trip! I'm Using Virtuous Rom cause I think you wasn't developing this Rom anymore since it's not available anymore on RootzWiki, tonight I'm flashing this one! your Roms always better than Virtuous
  10. solracarevir

    CyanogenMod Thread Locked?

    At least not for me, Runing smooth and fast
  11. solracarevir

    CyanogenMod Thread Locked?

    It seems to be working for me. If I change the governor on Setcpu the benchmark numbers change, same for the cup max and min speed. Do you recomend any other cpu tool? I tried antutu's but didn't worked for me
  12. solracarevir

    CyanogenMod Thread Locked?

    1.728_GHz_overclocked_and_undervolted_kernel_3.0.16-g9788208_by_SebastianFM was giving me random reboots constantly, I had to flash this one "1.512 GHz OC/UV kernel 3.0.16-g5e58c5e v1.01 for HTC Sensation" with Set setcpu: Min: 384000 Max:1512000 Scaling: Powersave Set on Boot Try it and let me know
  13. Just Created an account here to thank you Trip, I have tried all the AOSP / De sensed / Sense ICS Roms of "the other side" and none of them feel as sooth as this Rom! Once again, Thanks!

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