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  1. Yeah, I'm ready to give this a try as well. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to a PC to use Wugs toolkit. Trying to find a way to get this handled on a Mac now.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll try the new file and see how it goes. I'm using the non-CM based ROM as well. If this doesn't work I'll try reinstalling the ROM with your exact settings. I finally have what I consider to be the perfect ROM setup aside from DSPManager so I'm determined to get it working. :D EDIT: So the new DSPManager you posted installed just fine and seems to work without issue. However, I'm not seeing the option under sound settings to change the Equalizer from Sound FX to DSPManager. I just can't catch a break with this damn thing.
  3. I've tried installing the DSPManager you linked but it keeps force closing. It works fine right when I install it but after I reboot it crashes and refuses to open. I've tried the install on a couple fresh installs of Jr11 and get the same problem every time. I've tried wiping caches and fixing permissions but nothing solves it. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks for this. I'm flasing Jr11 now and using the DSPManager apk you posted.
  5. Flashing this now. I've been looking for a proper DSP manager to use with stock or MoDaCo (Non-CM). Thanks a lot!
  6. After a full day of normal use I can report that battery life is considerably better than it was on 4.2.1. Without changing my routine I have just under 80% battery remaining right now when I normally have 40%-50%. Very happy. Edit: I should mention that I'm running Franco's r72 kernel with no changes to frequency settings as well.
  7. Scratch that. I just unplugged the phone from the computer and rebooted and the overlay is gone. Looks like everything is working just fine!
  8. Hey Paul, After performing a fresh install of Jr8 and spending a few hours setting up the phone and tinkering with it, I have only found one strange issue. The brightness slider has a strange overlay on it: I wiped everything 3 times before flashing and checked the MD5 sum as well. Since setting the phone up I have wiped cache, dalvik cache, and fixed permissions but the issue with the brightness slider still persists. Aside from that everything's great for me since I don't use Bluetooth.
  9. Still so annoyed by this. How is it possible that Asus can't create enough to have a legitimate stock? Between the N7 debacle, then the N4 with LG/Google, the N4 wireless Orb and this dock, it's astonishing to me that these companies are still in business.
  10. If you can get your hands on the LG WCP-700 Wireless Charging Pad, I highly recommend it. I've been using it since mid-December and it's been absolutely flawless. I picked it up for about $40 shipped at the time it was available on Amazon. I should mention that it charges the phone perfectly even with the official bumper and the Diztronic TPU case.
  11. Exactly what I popped in here hoping to find out. Thanks so much for the hard work!
  12. I've found Franco's kernels to be amongt he most stable. Even more so than stock IMO. Not to mention the performance/battery life improvements. I've been on Franco's r53 kernel for a few days now and haven't had a single issue in any regard. Give it a try.
  13. Just got my Nexus 7 last night and immediately rooted it to flash this ROM with the latest Franco kernel. As usual the performance and stability are fantastic. I'm happy to have the same setup on both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 now. Thanks for the hard work!
  14. After leaving for a bit to try some other ROMs, I decided to get back to stability. Just flashed JR6 a few hours ago and I'm loving that every single thing is working with no issues. Running with Franco's latest kernel as well. Smooth as silk. I love that this seems to be the only ROM available that I can get Google Wallet working on as well.
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