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    Orange ICS Update

    Edit - *wrong forum* my appologies
  2. FIREotter

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Sorry guys, I need some help. It's 2:30 am so it's quite possible I've missed something blatantly obvious but I'm stuck. I havn't posted up any problems before as I usually work it out on my own but this has defeated me today. I'm just trying to root with a goal to enabling the SD card. I'm running android version 4.04 which I came stock with the phone from orange purchased last week (there may have been a small update). I've possibly pushed some files over already, but can't be sure. I keep getting this error or something similar: 3961 KB/s (312354 bytes in 0.077s) pkg: /data/local/tmp/adbd-Insecure-v1.1.apk Failure [iNSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS] Please Run adbd-Insecure and click the box then remove usb and reconnect then click to continue once done Press any key to continue . . . I did run root (7 on the tool) but just get this: New Rooting Your Phone Press any key to continue . . . Pushing busybox.... 3910 KB/s (1085140 bytes in 0.271s) Pushing su binary .... 2899 KB/s (23755 bytes in 0.008s) Pushing Superuser app 3918 KB/s (1468798 bytes in 0.366s) Making busybox runable ... Now unlock your device and confirm the restore operation. Please look at your device and click RESTORE! If all is successful i will tell you, if not this shell will run forever. Running ... ...which runs forever. (or more than 5 mins) It's asking me to input my device encryption password to the phone at this stage... :blink: I do not know what that would be. Apologies if I should be posting in another topic, you're welcome to send me there. Thanks guys.
  3. Hey guys, Multiupload has been down for the last few days. Anyone still following this thread and willing to upload the TPT to a new server? It would help me out a whole lot. Thanks,

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