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  1. Great man, thanks for helping developers :) My LT is available for tests too!
  2. I tried it several times (also with two differents types of gapps found on goo.in), but it installed only Gmail, the calenda, gtalk and the playstore too, but it did not work: it blocked every time I opened it.
  3. Can't install the play store, can anyone help me?
  4. Ok, thank you and good luck for the porting ;)
  5. Hi, great job, complimenti :D I read an article on androidiani.it that talks about the coming of an Acer device called "Z2". The hardware is the same of our Liquid my, but it has 4.0/4.1 So why don‘t we try to port that?
  6. In recovery, try to flash "deleteundervolt.zip" or something similar,it deletes the technolover's kernel's undervolt ;)
  7. I am going to flash it soon and tell you more about the behaviour. Hope it would not have troubles with battery percentage, like do CM 7.23 (which I'm now using!). Good job acer-, go ahead :D I don't understand a lot about developing, but if I can help you in another way, just let me know.
  8. Hi guys, I'm a Acer Liquid Metal owner. What could happen if I try to flash this ROM? Phones are very similar.
  9. Ciao ragazzi, l'ho provata e vi devo fare i complimenti per l'impegno. Gran parte della ROM è in italiano: bel lavoro :) Io ho riscontrato un problema: non posso scegliere la "modalità manuale" in "network operators", perchè? Mi dice errore quando ricerco nuove reti.
  10. Link2sd does not work since I've installed the ROM. What should I do??
  11. I had the same bug. But after a reboot it normally works. Thanx Pinguy I solved that problem, now everything goes great
  12. I was playing GTA III Anniversary 10 edition, when suddenly it has crashed. So I had to remove the battery. It was overclocked to 1.6 Gz.. It isn't very snappy when I press the power button to unlock it, rather I have to wait for a second. I hope to have been helpful. Great ROM, I hope it gets spreadly well-known. Go ahead like this
  13. My new Acer Liquid MT Gingerounay 3.0 :)

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