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  1. Great job H3ROS! I was using Slimbean from C3CO for a few months and it was very unstable rebooting without apparent reason for the last month or so, but the smoothness kept me going. Since the camera was practically unusable, as on any other ROM 4.x, I started to think on "downgrading" to GB, but none of the ROMs convinced me, that is until I saw this post! I have to agree that JB is buttery smooth, but this ROM is very fast and that makes a lot of difference... at least to me. Until now (I flashed it last night), it's working fine and with good battery life. The only problem I noticed was on the Google+ app that it stopped showing me images on posts and on Google+ Photos, but that seems to be a problem with the app itself. Once again, thankyou for the "trouble" you had fine tuning this ROM for us... I have a feeling I won't be changing to another ROM anytime soon :)
  2. I'm not sure if this is a cache redirect problem but Cache Fixer from the Play Store "solved" the problem for me...
  3. @H3ROS I flashed a TPT that has 35MB cache. When installing "large" (more than 35MB) apps from the Play Store I get an error (498) that seems to be related with insufficient cache space. Could it be related to the changes you applied for this kind of partition setup? Is there anything I can do besides flash a new TPT with 2MB cache? , BTW, nice ROM... using it for less than 24h and had FX2 before, but I was missing the Camera and GB works way better with Link2SD.
  4. MiguelG

    2 GB internal memory

    I just installed the INT2EXT+ and it's much better then Link2SD. My ext-sd partition is 1G and I never had so many apps at the same time :) Thanks Creedence for pointing out this post on XDA! On another note, I'm using C3CO Paranoid ROM and installed this script after several days using this ROM. I just followed the steps on the XDA post and BUM! 1G just for apps :)
  5. MiguelG

    OpenMax Codec :: ICS

    Done, but after I found this on G+ (http://goo.gl/XPPLS): https://developer.qualcomm.com/mobile-development/mobile-technologies/gaming-graphics-optimization-adreno/tools-and-resources This page is supposed to have the drivers ROM developers need for ArmV6 devices, which includes our Skate's. I hardly think this could pass by anyone on this forum, but the link is above so some one who understand it can check.
  6. MiguelG

    [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    USB storage is working fine for me. I deactivated/activated Debug UBS from development settings but no luck :( When I run "adb devices" on the command line (on the same machine where it already worked with another ROM), the list comes out empty. Another thing I noticed, is that the USB Debugging Icon doesn't appear on the notifications.
  7. MiguelG

    [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    This ROM is working like a charm on my Skate, it's fast and has great functionality. Is there any reason for "Debug USB" not working? I rebooted the phone, tried it on different USB ports and nothing. With the stock ROM it was working, and I also tried it with CM9 yesterday and had no problems Any help is appreciated.

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