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  1. What is the price of the phone? Can you find it in UK?
  2. What about this one? ACER LIQUID GALLANT DUO for only 150 pounds !!!!
  3. And the price is not that good.It is expensive for 189pounds.If it was around 150,then it would have been nice.And only 512mb RAM?????? It was suppose to be 1GB....ZTE seems to be rubbish. I would go for HUAWEI G300 for only 100 pounds now probably and not that much different in specs. What about ERA,will they release it NEXT SUMMER and claim it is the fastest gaming phone? :D :P
  4. We will see in 2 days :P Either we will be pleasently surprised or very much dissapointed. If they don't release GRAND X and ERA by the end of july for sure I'm getting HUAWEI G-300.I can't wait for ZTE any more :angry2:
  5. ZTE ERA will be coming out at the end of Q3 (that is what they announced,but that will probably be in Q4.Same as MIMOSA X,they announced it's release in Q2,and still hasn't be released and we are in Q3) :D
  6. That will probably be some new model,not GRAND X or ERA........ZTE will fail again :wacko:
  7. This has been posted today on ZTE UK facebook page: The countdown begins! 7 days left until you can have one of the MOST ADVANCED GAMING SMARTPHONES in your hands! ??????????????????????????????? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=418622511522701&set=a.349960148388938.90424.240512702667017&type=3&theater Are they FINALLY planning to release new models or is this just another false announcement from ZTE??? WE WILL SEE IN ! WEEK :)
  8. ZTE totally dissapointed in every aspect of their new phones.They are just anouncing and anouncing new models,but no release ....hahahaha.I doubt that they will release MIMOSA and ERA in july.Probably in september and maybe in december.We better get some other phones,we shouldn't be waiting for them any more.
  9. Their "spectacular" anouncement on facebook of ZTEnextGen.........came out to be RUBISH!!!!! I thought that ZTE will be releasing their new models including MIMOSA and ERA,but all they did was that they put some game with some PAD to be won.ZTE has failed sooooo much.I was waiting eager for MIMOSA and ERA to come out because I wanna buy some not that expensive new smartphone,but now I'm prevailing more and more for HUAWEI's G300. Zte really dissapointed me,and I guess you guys too and many many more potential customers.Really bad marketing and planning !!!
  10. It seems to me that ZTE has failed again......Most of the monday has allready passed and there is nothing published on ZTE facebook page about their next generation of mobiles........They seem like a really nonprofessional company !!!! Probably their phones are like that too.......Huawei G300 is getting more and more obvious choice as my new phone :) (unless ZTE sursprises me later today )
  11. So Tillaz,do you think that ZTE will release MIMOSA X and ERA on monday?
  12. Here is what ZTE posted 3 hours ago on their facebook page: " We've got a whole host of fun lined up to celebrate ZTENxtGen - the new generation of ZTE products - and it all begins Monday! " So I guess,they are FINALLY releasing their new models.Let's wait and see for the prices :)
  13. I will get HUAWEI G300 instead.And it is much cheaper,and it has almost everything that I need in a smartphone.The only drawback is that it doesn't have front camera,but what the heck.....That is not that important for 100 pounds price smart phone.1GH processor seems enough,4" display it is not that smaller than MImosa's 4.3".........As long it has big display,not that slow proccesor,GPS,WI FI.......it has everything that I need,and the price is RIGHT...............Sooooooooo ZTE,your loss this time (unless they release their phones very very soon and with very nice price tag) ;) ....I'm sure that many other people think same as me at this moment.And that ORANGE SAN DIEGO,it seems a little too expensive to my taste and not that much power for the price.
  14. WHAT?????? AUGUST RELEASE NOW????? ooohhhhh those guys in ZTE suck.Those release dates for ERA and MIMOSA X wil be total miss.I will get HUAWEI G300 instead.I can't wait till august for their phones.ZTE has really bad planning and timing it seams.First those phones were suppose to be released in MAY,then JUNE and now AUGUST? No one will wait for them that much.....what a shame :(
  15. What about the price of ERA? How much it will cost in UK?....it seems that my new phone will be either MIMOSA X or ERA (depending when will ZTE release them),and if HUAWEI doesn't release some more interesting and cheaper new model :D And TILLAZ,since you have experience with mobile phones,how do you think MIMOSA X compares to SAN DIEGO?Which one is better according to the specifications?
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