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  1. I dont know if im the only one facing this but do any of you guys encounter freezes and you have to reboot too fix them?While using youtube or non hd game(Chess for me) It freezes sometimes and i have to reboot another thing is that sometimes suddenly transitions and launcher becomes laggier and i have to reboot to fix..This has been happening in almost all 6.0 release..Thanks :)
  2. @rabaip-Squadzones latest rom on his github does have proper ics navigation bar softkeys :) I urge you to verify before posting..Its not the normal cm7 ones..I have no idea how he did that though (Like almost everything else he does :P )
  3. Does the original AOSP browser not support downloads from the usual file sharing type sites (Mediafire etc)?I never had much use of it until now so i didn't realise but whenever i try a download it shows a download unsuccesful or something in the notification bar it doesn't even try to download!Why i'm saying this is because this doesn't happen with the browser in cm7..Well ofcourse i can shift to another browser but just out of curiosity is it supposed to be like this?
  4. The ICS transitions look good!I was wondering what difference it makes compiling using a newer toolchain?Thanks! :)
  5. Oh its the same one? I actually thought there was another update because of this thread being opened at almost around the same time as this https://github.com/Squadzone/kernel_zte_blade/commit/4a45f6bbb39274e347eb41be7c4cf73fe17f1df1 The makefile says but we really dont know do we..any confirmation on this anyone? Thanks! :)
  6. In the latest version the tablet UI browser doesn't show on my phone its the same old one after a clean flash am I doing something wrong?
  7. Just tried the latest release and no bugs no problems great performance as always very well done :) Looking forward to AOSP ICS updates as well :)
  8. :D you give me a reason to come back to gingerbread with every release! Slightly offtopic-Is the aosp ics project still alive? Are you guys working on any thing? Thanks! :)
  9. No its not about not manifesting it its fixed i think as there's a slight break in the ringtone and then the screen goes on and stuff so there might be some kinda workaround probably the commit burstlam mentioned in his last comment.Plus if it weren't a fix it wouldn't be mentioned in the first post and since i was continuously getting the black screen problem on 6.1 after trying all the wipe cache auto brightness stuff and now i dont im pretty sure its fixed.. Edit: I mean second post where he mentions its caused due to the 3.0 kernel stuff..
  10. Why was it happening anyways?I read somewhere about the phone not reading default proximity values on boot and stuff but im not sure i get what was up..mind telling us how you fixed it and why it was happening?Thanks!
  11. 5.9.1 has youtube LQ fixed. :D Thanks burstlam. Next release camera and usb tethering without 3rd party app? :) Because i see in Hiapk forums you release 6.0 Very good work thanks again!
  12. But the kernel in swedish snow is forked from burstlams kernel too! The only difference being i think KonstaT updated to the new source while burstlam stuck with the old turies source and that could be why bluetooth works in swedish snow? https://github.com/K...7dd507633e7d9ef https://github.com/b...3c8881c94286a5d And im pretty sure thats why bluetooth doesn't work..What do you think?
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