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  1. At Fitzpatrick restaurant near Dundalk, the created an amazing Halloween spectacle. And had a haunted house to boot. Sinead screamed from the front door until we left, didn't help the little zombies were trying to grab her her the way through it.

  2. JohnnyZTE

    good morning modaco

    Downloading a custom ROM for the P6 now. out of interest. Root and recovery required http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=856311191&uk=3207606492
  3. JohnnyZTE


    Hi All Now that the HUAWEI P2 kernels are released by the HUAWEI, are there any bright sparks on here willing to create a custom ROM for it, I've rooted and got clockworkmod recovery installed on mine and it works perfectly, Just need a ROM to install, Rooted using eroot app clockworkmod recovery using P2Tools.apk Also does anyone have the original stock ROM, wouldn't do any harm to have it in case all goes wrong. I'm downloading the custom ROM for the P6 for a nosy, both devices are very similar.
  4. Hi all, just got this for someone, not for me but they asked me to install various programes. it runs Antutu benchmark with some good marks 18759 just a smidgen behind the Google Nexus 10 and that's probably because of all the Tesco crap installed on it. I have to say Im well impressed with this device. It plays BBCi player beautifully ..
  5. Newry Fire House Wheelers Annual Cycle in Memory of Michael O`Hare

  6. Newry Fire station charity cycle 2013. Photos taken by Martina. Pretty good at it to i must say.

  7. It works on Windows 7. But reading other posts I would pay to get the phone unlocked before doing this or the phone may not be unlocked.
  8. Happy wedding anniversary 34 years true love right there.

  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jnwl5r3fnsssbuu/Eroot_V1.3.4.exe :)
  10. download eroot to root the P2 I did and its confirmed rooted with superuser.
  11. I have the Huawei Ascend P2 what update is this, my phone is not coming up with any updates.
  12. JohnnyZTE

    rooting v5 with eroot

    I have rooted with this!!! Huawei P2, one click and rooted, cant believe it.
  13. The G300 is affordable, the Ascend is £299 from orange without a topup, but it looks a good phone. I would love one but I don't have the money.
  14. If you have the clockwork mod installed, install it from there, choose install Zip,
  15. I did this but I need to find a really short USB cable. cables all over the place in your pocket.

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