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  1. like u guys can tell im new here but have been a while on xda before, but this also seems like a great place to be :D so any feedbacks or comment would be highly appreciated :D
  2. Features 1. Almost all sense parts have been removed 2. Pure AOSP ICS apps (thanks to Hawke84) 3. Beautiful AOSP pure framework (look) (thanks to Shnizlon) 4. Ultra fast!!! even with 1.2 GHz - optional kernel on 1st post 5. Great Battery life 6. Great HTC apps are included because the AOSP counterparts are not as good. Eg. Camera, Camcorder, Notes 7. Apex Launcher !!! (great transparent app drawer) 8. Clean and nice look 9. Epic Stuff like extra widget 10. T9 Cyanogenmod 9 Dialer 11. Fully working Google Calendar ICS 12. Extra widgets __________________________________________________ ____ Installation is the same as Extreme Sensation 1.0.1, look at 1st post MARKET FIX FOR Blitz 4 http://www.mediafire.com/?12noj9yuaodzjg2 DOWNLOAD BLITZ 4!! HERE md5 49cf24554f357196a90bdc9318b03ceb [FEB 07] INCREMENTAL UPDATE Extreme Sensation Blitz™ 3 DOWNLOAD HERE [FEB 06] INCREMENTAL UPDATE Extreme Sensation Blitz™ 2 Extreme_Senseless_Blitz_2_Incremental.zip [flash THIS BEFORE FLASHING Blitz™ 3] Download Link TORRENT & MIRROR Torrenthttp://btjunkie.org/torrent/Extreme-...416dfe76010ff1 Fast Mirror http://goo.gl/5nd8m thanks to gnikolaev !!!!!! Fast Mirror (already includes the settings patch so no need to flash the settings zip) http://hotfile.com/dl/145189823/52c6...Blitz.zip.html thanks to Mark5 !!!!!! MODS 1. Gtalk apk Talk.apk ( just install the apk normally) 2. Wacky overscroll glow (creating) new banner in attachments CHANGELOG Extreme Sensation Blitz™ 4 (coming very soon!) -Google calendar working flawlessly -Everything in Blitz 3 -Better AOSP ICS framework + circle battery from Shnizlon's latest mod (thanks him!!) -Inverted *White to BLACK* apps included such as contacts, AOSP Music, youtube, messaging & mms app -Latest Nova Launcher beta 14 (SO FREAKING FAST AND RESPONSIVE)thanks to [email protected] -FASTER than GALAXY NEXUS with its STOCK ICS AOSP system (even when using stock htc kernel) -Faster performace overall than blitz 3, dont get fooled by quadrant because it resembles nothing of daily performance. -better battery performance than blitz 3 CHANGELOG BLITZ 3 -google calendar fc fixed including FULL WORKING calendar widget -no more fc while getting incoming calls -market fixed from previous Blitz 2 -T9 Dialer - Cyanogenmod 9 Dialer -some cool widget like -BobClockD3 thanks to BOBSTUFF from market -Minimalistic text thanks to DEVMIL from market Enjoy remember to wipe dalviik + cache, and fix permission before flashing incremental update zip, to prevent any issues enjoy CHANGELOG BLITZ 2 -google calendar fc fixed -some bloatwares are cleaned -no more fc while getting incoming calls -better call quality, not dodgy Battery Saving tip 1. Only turn on wifi and mobile data when needed to be used 2. flash undervolted kernel 3. Get System Tuner Pro app 4. Turn down the max freq, change to on demand governor 5. go to boot settings, and governor behaviour, power save bias and turn that to max! 6. go back to boot settings, screen off behaviour, max frequency and turn that to the most minimum 7. then go to governor and change to either powersave or conservative 8. your done, now just take out ur battery, reboot to recovery and go wipe battery data, 9. turn ur phone off completely, charge it overnight 10. turn ur phone to recovery again, wipe battery data again, and reboot, enjoy guys please give feedbacks as that helps me identifying any issues (I'm not perfect because Im a human too)
  3. Welcome to the Extreme Sensation™ICS Rom Series for the Sensation, Sensation 4g and Sensation XE 1st post --- Extreme Sensation™ Blaze with Sense 3.6 2nd post -- Extreme Senseless Blitz™ 4 Features 1. Fully re-edited from the HTC Leaked RUU 3.24.401.1 2. Even though this rom is based on a leak, I can proudly say this is very stable for everyday use 3. Full Sense Intergration! 4. Android Ice Cream Sandwich Framework integration with Sense 3.6 UI 5. Great Support 6. So fast! and smooth! 7. Amazing battery life 8. Amazing optimized HTC SENSE look for those who loves the beautiful SENSE UI look 9. NO FLICKERING ISSUE on the browser with this rom 10. Drop Box Built in 11. Supports MANY languages 12. Amazing WIFI speed 13. Some system bloaters have been removed 14. Build. prop optimizations 15. Font Changer app Built-in thanks to martino 16. Minimalistic Widget built in 17. Latest Beats Audio MOd built in by Mudhi 18. overscroll glow effect 19. semi-transparent 5 row app drawer (thanks to richmondo ) 20. battery % mod built in thx to malybru! NEW FIRMWARE with fastboot ability (NO SUPERCID is needed for all u who struggles to SUPER CID, This is perfect for you! )!! finally THX to Kohr-Ah REMEMBER TO DOWNLOAD the 3.24 that match your CID http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1459767 How to Install 1. Put all files (firmware zip and rom zip - available in the download section) on the Root of your SD card (this is for ease of access, but if u prefer not up to you , but firmware zip MUST BE in the Root of ur sd card) 2. Boot into bootloader and when prompt to update, choose yes and wait till it finished, in the middle of the process it willl reboot dont worry just let it finish what its doing, DONT INTERRUPT 3. Then delete your firmware file from ur sd card, probably through your computer. 4. After that boot in to recovery, SUPERWIPE then flash the rom Then Let it boot and Enjoy !!! __________________________________________________ _________ Credit 1. HTC for providing a magnificent Sense UI 2. RC Team for providing the RUU 3. Mike1986 to help me with some questions 4. My Old DELL computer which im managed to install Windows 7 ultimate somehow working smoothly ____________________________ DOWNLOAD LINK Extreme Sensation 1.0.1 Thanks to Mark5 for his awesomeness!!!!!!!! Now we have 2 Download links hehehe Fast Link HERE Hotfile mirror http://hotfile.com/dl/144280172/fb2d...1.0.1.zip.html ZIP MD5 IS 0608192878FD5AC0C5177C64C4B01FE2 Extreme Sensation Blaze Incremental Update (flash this after 1.0.1)Extreme_Sensation_Blaze.zip CHANGELOG Blaze™ 1. More bloatwares removed 2. Fontchanger built in 3. Faster and More stable 4. Mudhis latest beats mod built in 5. Minimalistic text widget 1.0.1 1. Beats Built in (thanks to mudhi) sound will be the same if beats is disabled and if beats is enabled, but sound is definately better than normal sensation 2. Wifi is even faster than Extreme Sensation 1.0.0 3. More system bloatwares are deleted 4. Bunch more optimization. ADD ONS 4G icon for TMOUS users F non-XE - changes the 3G/H icon on statusbar to 4G for USA TMOBILE (Thanks to Fallenangel408) http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...ostcount=23227 Wake on Volume Key F - (Thanks to Grandelama) http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...ostcount=47350 Beats Mod GB & ICS (Beats Dolby SRS Equalizer) (Thanks to Mudhi) http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1363882 1.5 ghz and 1.728 UNLOCKED Kernel By sebastianFM, very stable for this version. (to force the second core to run even if its not stressed use System Tuner Pro) http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1424345 Ringtone Volume Boost thanks to Sloppy http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1470285 4G Wifi calling only for t-mous sensation 4g) thanks to casper200519 http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1435743 Extended Quick settings thanks to j4n87 http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1476726 Please enjoy the rom and any fast mirrors and any feedbacks are highly appreciated Please rate this thread and click the thanks button if you like the Rom Please don't downrate the thread if you havent even try the rom thanks
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