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  1. if you search free tool to recover data so i think it's not possible so in my opinion you have to bus data recovery software...
  2. Android is essentially a Linux operating system and does not manage memory in the same way that Windows would. Just because a program is loaded into memory does not mean that it is actually slowing your Droid down. The task killer discussion has been done to death and I'm on the side of not using one unless a program is misbehaving. Android intentionally launches all applications it thinks might be needed and fills up your RAM (based on a value that you can't change unless you are rooted). Some things you are running might actually require information from other programs and it launches the ones it think you will need so that if a commonly used application is called upon, it is already there. This is a performance enhancement for you.
  3. hmm that's great i like it your game list ..... but i have use most of game which is free but i am interested in to bus some games so you have to suggest me some best windows games ??
  4. i have never understand your topic ?? what u have to say ?? huawei ascend g600 development forum ???
  5. in my persnal expriens of huawei smart phones using should be very poor boz of low performance issues, better time is not good, that's way i don't wana use again these kind of set.....
  6. which set you have to use now ??? i think you need to refresh your mobile setting and get there default setting....
  7. i have no idea about windows phone but i like Nokia Lumia series..... and you deal is really good
  8. It appears that Google is workin' overdrive to come up with the release of their new and upcoming Android 5.0 OS platform code-named, Jelly Bean! For all we know, Ice Cream Sandwich has not been completely rolled out yet, and now, a new one again.
  9. It’s an entry level device but should do the job for most people who don’t need an over powerful smartphone. We’re expecting it to have an 800MHz processor, a 3.3 inch display, 3GB of internal storage, Android 2.3 and more. While fanfare for this device will be scarce, some people will end up cheering when they find out how cheap it is to own.
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