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  1. @Amphoras: Can you update the TPT Helper app to include more TPT-s? I know I can create a custom TPT, but I would much rather use premade TPT-s that are tested, than make my own. Especially since some people report that TPT creation is not working on some ROMs. The downloadable TPT-s in your app are downloaded from a trusted source (your server), and are validated against an md5 hash to guarantee that nothing went wrong during download. I will not be the only one using this TPT so I will be able see feedback from other users and see if the TPT is actually working and suits my needs in a particular situation. There are a lot of G1-G2 TPT-s, but only 4 G2. A G2 160/294/2/0.1 would be really useful in my case. (I'm not ungrateful, the TPT Helper app is already incredibly useful as it is, and I really thank you for it)
  2. Since this thread got extremely long I can't find it, but I have read before that a few languages have been cut from this ROM including hungarian to preserve some space. Does this ROM include the hungarian translation?
  3. My phone is a ZTE Blade which was windows-updated to [GEN2]. I have installed recovery manager 0.37b, downloaded recovery-clockwork- and selected it for install recovery in recovery manager. Now recovery manager says "Currently installed Recovery: Unrecognised" I can boot into CWM just fine, I have just made a complete backup from CWM. Is this a problem? Can it foreshadow any trouble?
  4. The links to the original roms in the first post are broken.
  5. EDIT: a lot of my questions are outdated now as I have actually done a few things (installed the newest CWM, installed this ROM, and installed Circle Battery and ZTE Dialer addons). I read a lot about TPT too (which I am still thinking about). As my first impression: This is quite a decent ROM! Positive: My GPS works fine again, it was performing really poorly on Stock ROM. The menus and overall navigation feels much smoother, than in the Stock (although the browser and the android market is still sluggish). Negative: I had trouble with viewing my SIM contacts first, but after installing the ZTE Dialer it is possible again, so it is not really a negative. I also miss the old Task Manager app, but there is like 9001 on the market, so it is also fine. I was searching for a ROM that is fast and preserves battery life and is very stable. There are a lot of ROMs for blade, I thought I have found the right one for me. The 4.* branch seemed a little "experimental" for blade, for example there is this in the header of KonstaT's ROM's topics ( http://www.modaco.co...01-android-422/ http://www.modaco.co...10-android-412/ ) This meant to me these roms are experimental and not for everyday use (yet). If these ROMs are stable, or you are referring to other CM10 based ROMs for blade that are stable please point me to them. I'm open to suggestions about ROMs.
  6. I'm planning on installing this rom on my ZTE blade. It was sold as GEN1 and then later I installed the official 2.2 update provided by t-mobile. It apparently made my phone GEN2 as I have discovered trying to install this with the all in one TPT method. Since I've never installed any custom ROM-s on my phone I approach this cautiously. There is a lot of information about this, and it's not easy to decipher what is outdated, and what is valid because there are a few contradictions. So I'm sort of lost in the process, as I wouldn't want to make any irreversible mistake. I have made a question about my progress on android.stackexchange.com, but I haven't recieved any answers. Basically I want to install clockworkmod as if I understand correctly it replaces the default recovery and lets me install custom ROM-s. But I'm not entirely sure which is the right version for me. I also want to repartition my internal storage if it is not unreasonably risky. I have been struggling with the official 2.2 on blade as even if I move my apps to the SD card the partition for storing the applications' data (facebook, gallery app, etc) eats up all the space. I'm unsure how it is done and how much it changes my phone (e.g. am I able to repartition it without removing/breaking the currently installed rom?) I have read about it and decided that the amphoras TPT Helper app will be able to help me through this one. Should I do it? Is it worth the risk? Also what do I resize it to? 128 /system? 160 /system? My guess would be 128. Finally I also want to install Swedish Snow on the phone. If I understand correctly this is done by booting into recovery, selecting every wipe option (wipe data, wipe cache partition, wipe dalvik cache) and then selecting the zipped rom to install, reboot my phone and wait for it to boot up the new rom. I'm not sure when or how to install the circle battery mod addon for example. Can I get some advice about these steps? Also which is the best way to backup the current state of my phone? I'm not talking about the data (as i have already backed that up), but anything worth backing up if I want to revert to the stock rom later in the case I have trouble with this. I have read about nandroid for example. It seems to be the best solution for this. Is it? Sorry for the lot of vague and bundled up questions, I should have probably separated this into a handful of posts.
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