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  1. any mediafire links for new update and gapps coz minus is not working !!!
  2. im unable to install in CWM it says installation abort ...
  3. it says installation abort .. any idea whr i m gng wrong ?
  4. milind bishen

    [ROM/GEN2] MIUI (Android 2.3.7)

    proximity sensor ..still doesnt work ...!! ne update on this
  5. great job yet still laggy...
  6. no wrries pal take ur tym .... still im eagarly waiting for ur new update ... keep tht work up .. :)
  7. can u change call screen frm default cm7 to cyan scape mode ....coz again the upper seems cool bt deep inside .. I see cm7 stuff.. :(
  8. no ringtone ..... alert...secondly editing theme is bit problematic ...
  9. nyc rom however . automatic brightness and gmail as well gtalk is not compatible .... ne gapps ... so tht i can get these back....
  10. milind bishen

    [ROM/GEN2] MIUI (Android 2.3.7)

    still facing prob with FC's ,bluetooth and proximity sensor.. secondly can u add gtalk 4.04 version in this rom ... ?? and lastly after closing vibration mode off for notifications it still vibrates and there is no option to specifically off vibration for messages...
  11. plz add mediafire mirror of 1.1.9 ..
  12. can u add gtalk 4.04 version in new release .... ??
  13. whenever i try to install beat sound it says installation aborted can nebdy illustrate the installation process for that ... coz i m unable to install it properly from boot menu

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