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  1. Did you work out which ROM to use? I've just picked up at Defy+ and have the same question myself.
  2. Is Windows Mobile a far more powerful OS than Symbian? I don't see it TBH.
  3. clv101

    Nokia E61 or E70?

    I'm still using the Treo 650! I think I'll get the E61i as soon as it appears though. I'm wondering what to do about GPS though. I have Tom Tom on the Treo with a bluetooth GPS receiver. What's the best thing to use when I sell the Treo? A stand alone Tom Tom or a GPS solution for the E61i?
  4. clv101

    Nokia E61 or E70?

    I'm looking for a replacement for my Treo 650, any opinions on these two handsets: Nokia E61 ?254.95 Nokia E70 ?284.95 The features/firmware are very similar but the form factors are very different. The only real feature differences are the camera on the E70, no camera on the E61 and the screens and that the E61 has a 320x240 screen whereas the E70 has a 352x416 - physically the E70 screen is smaller though! I'm looking for a 3G device with QWERTY keyboard for under ?300 - there doesn't seem to be much choice to be honest!
  5. I'm looking for a replacement for my Treo 650, any opinions on these two handsets: Nokia E61
  6. Safeguard also blocks the Modaco forums!
  7. Sorry, release 99 is the 384kbps dedicated channels we're using today. HSDPA is release 5, which instead of allocating dedicated channels to each user just uses one shared channel, with users allocated time on this channel based on their instantaneous radio conditions. Users are only sent data when they are best able to receive it increasing average throughput.. Anyway... sure the data rate will be increased but so what? By the time we're at a couple of hundred kbps extra data rate really isn't very useful. Did my 512kbps -> 2mbps ADSL upgrade make much difference? Nope, not unless I'm download hundreds of mb files which isn't something anyone is going to be doing on mobile tariffs. Of course HSDPA doesn
  8. What's so great about HSDPA? Okay, so the data rate will be 2-3 times that of release 99 and the latency will come down from ~250ms to ~100ms... but is that really important? TBH 300kbps and 250ms is already fantastic and doesn't need improvement. HSDPA also isn't as mobile as release 99 due to not being able to support soft hand over. Why are people excited about HSDPA?
  9. Isn't the main improvement with this phone is the screen, higher res? Didn't think it had 3G or WiFi, might have EDGE though.
  10. SPV. Been there, done that. Yuk! In my opinion the Treo is a much better and fundamentally more useful device.
  11. I think you and your parents should start to buy things off the net. It's the worlds's best market place! Best choice, best value etc...
  12. Does this effect the use of CoMobi v3.0 http://comobi.webgate.bg/ or Fastchat http://www.fastchat.com ?
  13. It seems expensive at £6.99 a month + GPRS billed from the operator. Can you compare and contrast fastchat with CoMobi v3.0 http://comobi.webgate.bg/ ?
  14. err... is www.coolsmartphone.com dead? Edit: Ah, nope, but the link in your sig is missing a "w"! :)
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