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  1. Edit 3: Went for the official Motorola flip cover, as long as the centred USB jack doesn't get in the way I should be able to use it in a landscaped cradle with the front hanging down. My requirements, of which I will happily take the nearest best thing. 1. Front cover. 2. Visible notification light. 3. Unrestricted camera in a car cradle. 4. Auto sleep/wake. It's driving me crazy how difficult this is. It's not even pick any three, it's pick any two. The number of cases that have a cut-out for the earpiece but not the notification light *right next to it* is absurd. Or cases with magnetic tabs which don't trigger sleep/wake. What were they thinking? I would be happy with something that amounts to a "box" which from which I can *easily* remove the phone for a car cradle, and I'll just get a decent shell, but that's eluding me too. My sole example that covers everything has one big drawback: it looks very, very cheap. And even then you can only see the notifications via the status bar, which is not helpful when it has auto-sleep. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nillkin-Fresh-Series-Leather-PolyCarbonate-Flip-Stand-Case-For-Motorola-Moto-G-/191075125882?pt=UK_MobilePhones_MobilePhonesCasesPouches&var=490267646882&hash=item2c7cf70a7a Edit: The thought occurs that a vertical flip case with visible notification light would do the trick, since the front cover wouldn't get in the way of holding it in a cradle. Edit 2: Failing all of that, has anybody tried the official Motorola flip case in a car cradle with the cover open? If there's some way of preventing it flapping around or leaving it shut and easily opening then that would work fine.
  2. After you've plugged in the phone while pressing + and - volume, go to the Device Manager of Windows and look under the "Ports (COM and LPT)" section. In that list will be your ZTE device with a COM number in brackets. You need to go back to iharrybao's software and change the COM number there to match the one you saw in the Device Manager.
  3. Thank you very much for this guide. I tried absolutely every technique, nothing worked, even ZTE's own recovery equivalent couldn't recognize the phone properly. But this worked and I have my phone back!
  4. I was going to mention this, wasn't at all expecting it to be compatible let alone work as well as it does. I get the audio sync issue they can't quite seem to fit and it lags a little... now all they need is some films to watch. Have you changed the ROM, clock speed or SD card class? I'm wondering if one of those is bottlenecking me if yours works fine.
  5. TygerTyger

    Google Market sale on!!

    It's too difficult to find out what the difference is between Paid and Free versions of Apps and what the original price was, virtually the only two pieces of necessary information for a Paid Apps Sale. I'm almost wishing for Apple's brutal competence.
  6. Yahoo Messenger can also use both cameras, although the front camera is upside-down as in Tango.
  7. stokietom mate, please, if I could underline this in a friendly manner... some of us have email notifications for the thread and it's a pain to keep checking for posts that aren't relevant. I think you have your answer. Appreciate that one, it seems contrary to have stripped ROMs that still include additional apps unless it's impossible to use them otherwise.
  8. It's not just Skype, I tried every video calling app I could find, stock and modded, and as far as I can tell there's nothing that is able to use the front camera. Yet, I hope.
  9. I tried versions 11-13 of that app, plus the alternative suggested for those with problems, none of them would work. Both cameras are recognized in the settings, but it won't use them. v11 had a "force camera" option but that just crashes the app. This is on a stock Vivacity.

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