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  1. Interesting.... I too just cannot bring myself to buying a Note just because of the sheer bulk. How is texting on the Note? Is it easier to send messages and email on the huge screen? That would probably swing things a bit for me. Oh, and gaming on that screen would be mind blowing.
  2. Funny that it says "Do this again tomorrow for more entries", but when I try to do it again the next day, it says that I have only 9/10 entries and asks me to re-do the first entry. Hoping for the best, I am really really enamored by this phone, and the Xperia Ray that I have is too small for me and a strain on my eyes.
  3. Same here... the icon is all grey and looking dumb. App works just fine though. This happened after I updated the app from the market. Probably the way the app is delivered with modaco is not compatible with market update. Similarly, I am unable to update my Adobe Air app from the market as it says it is incompatible. It worked on the CM7 though. :-( EDIT: I went into applications and uninstalled the updates from the Pulse reader app. Now the icon appears all fine. Maybe there could also be a difference when the app is installed through amazon app store and updated through market. Not sure on that. EDIT2: Or not... The icon on the carousel showed up fine, but the icon on the Apps and Favourties are still grey. Probably missing a bitmap after the update?
  4. I am getting extremely tempted to try this ROM out. I have one question though. Will the device work as a "Kindle Device" with this ROM? Or will it be just another tab and I have to use the Kindle app?
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