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  1. new build up: [25 JANUARY 2015] ROM 25.1 - DOWNLOAD md5: 8B290825CA41842DFBE3672E9D0B5013 new USB options: Add Media transfer protocol (MTP) support Add Picture transfer protocol (PTP) support Upgrade from build 18.1 supported Must be flashed using CWM recovery v4 some more details about MTP/PTP : LINK
  2. indeed, I just uploaded a new build which supports MTP usb mode - I recommend upgrading to the latest build. (by default it's set as MTP, though if you're upgrading you might need to switch to MTP manually after upgrading to the latest build (25.1)
  3. no promises :) there have been several attempts to port art for armv6 - yet still unsuccessful, from my end I managed to compile a cm12 build for blade, but won't boot because of art, furthermore even if somehow it boots, i don't really know what's working or not.... There are instructions on my github - here further to those instructions you need to issue the following commands: lunch cm_blade-userdebug cd vendor/cm ./get-prebuilts to apply patches - copy patches in the corresponding folders, then apply patches using git am *.patch not really, maybe just for the cLock widget which is around ~8mb (last time i checked), but other than that I would recommend leaving the system partition small enough for the rom & gapps to fit in i.e. 186Mb or 190Mb for any/if there are future builds...then it depends how many apps you're planning to install eventually... Not sure if you're referring to recovery, if so, then for both v3 & v4 you need to use swipe left/right up/down for menu selection, the first time you boot into recovery using power + vol down hardware keys don't work, as a workaround you can reboot recovery (from recovery itself - advanced menu afaik) & then you should be able to use the physical keys along with swipe.
  4. assuming that you wiped data, cache & formatted system...try using the int2ext dalvik cache wipe tool, alternatively if that doesn't work as well, recreate an sdext partition to make sure everything gets deleted from your sdext partition (be aware that everything on your sdcard gets wiped as well afaik) - i'm assuming also that rom didn't even boot up...if problem persists try attaching a logcat you can find more info here: link - basically it enhances security, though right now we're on permissive mode. On the other hand if ever there will be a cm12 release, it's definitely useful.
  5. re s2e, the version I posted is well tested under cm11 and has been modified to work under cm11, however you can give these s2e versions a try: link
  6. new build up, ROM + gapps need at least 186Mb system partition space, int2ext script has been removed since it was causing problems after adding SELinux support. SELinux mode is set to permissive, at least for the time being, with enforcing mode it just breaks wifi tethering otherwise I didn't notice any problems...This build must be installed with the latest recovery: [18 JANUARY 2015] CWM Recovery (v4) - DOWNLOAD md5: 1088D808D28C9FB6DF829D94120CCBE4 Add SELinux support (required to flash SELinux enabled builds) ROM 18.1 - DOWNLOAD md5: 78AC542C0BBA5921A2ACF126BA3E2590 *** IMPORTANT: THIS BUILD MUST BE FLASHED WITH CWM RECOVERY (v4 - SELINUX) LINK ABOVE OR ON 1st post *** MINIMUM SYSTEM PARTITION: 186Mb Various kernel updates noticably: Add auditd & SELinux support (permissive mode) Removed INT2EXT script * Set default governor as Smartassv2 Set default I/O scheduler to SIO Add SIOPLUS scheduler various bug fixes Updated cLOCK widget can be found under the extras folder (ROM package) other fixes/commits from androidarmv6/CM upstream not mentioned in the changelog * as alternative us S2E mod (thanks to psyke83 & oleg krikun) Download link / Mirror - Original Thread
  7. for blade it's still power button + volume down, though I didn't mess around with any other key combinations as for the flickering issue, not sure if I understood correctly, but you might want to search for this: "fix cwm dancing" kernel patch, such as here & use it only to build recovery
  8. thanks for your feedback here's another attempt > DOWNLOAD with this build swipe feature is enabled + there are also some changes as regards to key behaviour: UP / DOWN (to change selections) = swipe up/down OR volume up/down OR HOME Button/MENU Button TO SELECT: Swipe to right OR Power Button BACK: Swipe to left OR Back Button
  9. removed some extra references for highlight up/down from recovery key mapping
  10. uploaded another recovery build: DOWNLOAD, links on 1st/2nd pages updated. hopefully should fix above issue, any feedback appreciated..
  11. just to clarify: while still on recovery ( connect phone with computer and type: adb reboot recovery
  12. happened to me once or twice, just connect phone with computer and reboot via: adb reboot recovery will look into it
  13. new build up, updated recovery is required to install this build, links below & OP DOWNLOAD MD5: 7A99936DBDF31797CF954A18B001EFC9 *** IMPORTANT: THIS BUILD MUST BE FLASHED WITH CWM RECOVERY LINK ON FIRST PAGE *** Trebuchet layout fixes Dialer: Add configurable incoming call screen style Settings: Add option to change size of QS ribbon bar MMS: add option to auto-enable mobile data for MMS send/receive MMS: add per conversation notification settings/ringtones Kernel: Introduced speedup keyresume (another attempt to fix lag on incoming call) Kernel fixes from previous release: Actually these changes were not even applied: -Kernel: Updated SIO scheduler -Kernel: Reclaimed ~ +5Mb RAM (from previous release) -Patched CVE-2014-3153 Add soft reboot option Kernel: Enabled TLS Register & LDREXD CPU features Updated cLOCK widget (link on first page) Updated Recovery to v6.0.5.3 - DOWNLOAD MD5: 7A3E9EB473EB3806EC0825770B788060 - Supports flashing of TLS enabled builds - Backwards compatible for flashing older builds - Re Add power off option - Add Rainbow mode (enabled upon continuous menu scrolling)
  14. not usable, not supported on our device - the same applies to color calibration (under display & lights, needs additional kernel support) to wipe dalvik cache use this flashable script: LINK (install from CWM recovery)
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