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  1. Every thing is okay but on my u8220.. the camera and wifi both are not working that were working well in previous ROM 2.1. Any workaround?'Even I've tried cynogenmod latest that is gingerbread 2.3.7 it also has the same issue camera nd wifi not working Maybe because it's in NIGHTLY state....
  2. Every thing is okay but on my u8220.. the camera and wifi both are not working that were working well in previous ROM 2.1. Any workaround?
  3. After Wiping data/fectory reset I'm having this error Formatting SDCARD:/.android_security.... E:Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0(or /dev/block/mmbcblk0p1) (I/O error) Error mounting /sdcard/.android_secure! Skipping Formate... Data Wipe complete. E:Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0(or /dev/block/mmbcblk0p1) (I/O error) AFTER THIS I TRIED TO RESTORE MY NANDROID but it gave me error that E:can't mount /sdcard what should I do now...?
  4. GAps link is not working... Where to find it now?
  5. Hi QI7485205.... let me give you a ROM for u8220 which I'm using since last year.. but now I've upgraded my u8220 to latest 2.3.7 Nightly build of CM, which has some issues like Camera and Wifi are not workign maybe they get these issues fixed in stable version for which I'm waiting.. Here is the link to Android Version 2.1 for u8220 http://www.mediafire.com/?6qkl2ra0d9dsnfz 1) You need to have rooted device. 2) ClockWorkMod recovery installed. if you have above 2 pre-reqs then.. 1) place rbmhu4.zip in root of you SD means in SD/rbmhu4.zip (directly to SD card not in some directory like SD/someDirectory/rbmhu4.zip). 2) boot your u8220 in recovery mod and select "Install zip from SD card" and then you have to locate/chose rbmhu4.zip and then install it.. First boot may take upto 5+ minutes so be patient.. Enjoy............
  6. Can anyone please tell me the procedure how to get my CAM and WIFI working on U8220.? I've installed latest cynogenmode... It's is working great but CAMERA and WIFI are not working.. Any workaround please.....
  7. I've installed the latest cynogenmod 7 on my u8220. All the features are very impressive but came & wifi is not working. please provide me a workaround or link me to post.
  8. I'm on win-7 and installed amon recovery, by this procedure 1- put my u8220 in recover mode (holding VOL DOWN + RED buttons while turning it ON) 2- a blue screen apread 3- connect it to PC 4- 2uble clicked on install-recovery-windows 5- a message appeared writing (xxxxxx) bytes okay after this i turned my phone on but it STUCKd on android splash screen...... what the hell is this ....? previously i dont have December Update (maybe the problem but i dont know). please help me to get out this splash screen............
  9. I have exactly the same problem as Arash Badie Modiri, I don't have December Update. I gone through the procedure of rooting the U8220 by THIS. a message appeared on phones blue screen was writing xxxxx bytes okay, after this i booted my device again but i wasn't proceeding any ware ahead from android splash screen.. please any ones help should be warmly apriciatted.............
  10. Hi PaulOBrien, I'm getting the root access on my Huawei-U8220 by following the procedure that you listed here. 1). I ONed my phone in recovery mode 2). Attach it to the computer 3). then i run the "install-superboot-windows"(I'm on Windows-7) 4). The message "writing XXXXXX bytes okay" that's is exactly what I meant/want to, but when I ON the phone again it's just showing the android splash screen, not proceeding any ware even i left it remain ON whole night............. but it was still there on splash at the morning like bad slug.... please help me this phone was gifted me by my friend and i don't want to waste my gift
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