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  1. It seems to be happy now after a couple of reboots, though sometimes it still turns the volume up.
  2. Thanks MadNinja, I now have the developer & performance options available to me! The issue with the volume rocker was that it did not seem to work, not that I was unsure where to activate it. cheers
  3. I seem to have issues with the latest release I seem to have no reboot menu (enabled option), so cannot reboot into recovery I have no 'keep screen powered on when charging' option The volume keys do not seem to switch media tracks The jelly bean easter egg works, but does not unlock the live wallpaper easter egg also does not enable the beanflinger in daydream [*]I no longer have options to change the processor performance [*]battery now last less than half the time of the 06/01 release [*]Bluetooth does not seem to stay connected to my bluetooth speaker [*]wifi connection seems a little shaky Softkeys are back - thank you! Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into this!
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