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  1. Hello the pasto. I did re-flash the ROM and now it's ok except from: - ADB not working. I currently don't have wifi so I can't test ADB Network, but if ADB network works, so I think I can ignore the problem with USB debugging. - LED indicators flash wrong. Email/SMS/Viber/Messager make the missed call flashed, and so do the messaging LED. - This is a bit faster than MIUI and CM7.2 (sometimes), but sometimes, it automatically reboot. I have 256MB of Swap, but I dont have any choice since CMRecovery only let me set Swap at max 256MB, is it due to the swap ? - Is the browser of this ROM taken from Google's source? I pull the Browser.apk from SDK and this file is more than 2MB, while yours is just 1.36MB, and I can't install the stock Browser.apk into this ROM. I have tested my products on AVD and it's working fine, but on your Browser, it's displaying css3 not good enough (that was my client's requirement so I need to), so it will be very helpful if we can install the stock Browser.apk into this ROM. I'm very appreciate your hard-working thepasto. If I freetime I will ask you on how to build myself a ROM. Thanks again buddy.
  2. The RC1 have a T9 dialer but this one doesn't. If I just press any 4-digits of the number I wanna dial, it just shows a message "Add to contact" while MIUI/CM9/CM7.2 RC1 show a list of all contact that have these 4 digits in their phone no. This is the first problem I found, is anyone meeting this issue ? Then it's run a bit slower than CM9 I tried. Not sure if this is a known issue, but I revert back to CM9 B3 now. By the way, is there any alternative Messaging app that better than default CM Messaging ? Please dont tell me to use Go SMS or Handcent or Chome, I tried them all but they will never as good as MIUI or CM9 Messaging. If no, then I'm looking forward to seeing the new version of CM9.
  3. ADB not working, also, the debugging icon is error. Will try to test for 1-2days to see if it can be daily ROM
  4. Hello thepasto, Today I had a picnic with my girlfriend, and we took a lot of photo. A big problem I just found out about this CM9 b3 ROM is that, when I press the thumbnail of the camera app to review the photo, then press the Gallery icon on the preview screen to go to the Gallery, after exit the Gallery, the Camera app shows up a message "Cannot connect to camera". The only way to restart it is to long-press the Back button, to kill the Camera apps. Then it would be ok. But after I go to Gallery for some times (3-4 times, I cant remember), it suddenly reboot the phone itself. It kept happening this way during my trip, so at the middle of the picnic, in order to take more photos, I had to re-flash the CM7.2 ROM (Luckily I always have that ROM on my SD Card). This ROM is very great, thepasto, but I think there is a long way ahead for it to become a daily ROM. I'm very appreciate your hard working. This is just a bug-reporting so that you can manage to handle the errors. Looking forward to seeing a new ROM from dev team. PS: Browser app uses a lot of RAM I think, since if I open 1 webpage, then navigate inside the site (only 1 tab opening), after 4-5 pages, the browser automatically exits. Then I press the Browser icon to start it again, it's loading the Google homepage. A big problem with me since I have to use phone to test my products. By the way I think the ADB bug on Windows need to be solved for all device. It could be that your device is Liquid E so it's a bit different from A1. Im looking forward to seeing and flashing your new version.
  5. I think you have flash a wrong ROM. The newest version is not required cm9-a1-patch_signed.zip file. It works ok with me. I have 512MB swap
  6. I did try with LiquidNext Mix and I can flash, so wont need to reflash malez. Also, Cant reflash malez if adb not recognized. In devmgmt.msc, there was no adb interface.
  7. I think yes, I have flashed LiquidNext mix, but I came back to CM9. new CWM recovery now can be used instead of Malez
  8. Uninstalled all of drivers I have in my computer, then reinstall the new one at 1st post, but no luck. I still cant enter adb remount successfully. I turned on ADB on my phone already. Im using A1. I also using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.
  9. Hi the pasto. I cant manage to have debugging mode on Windows. Can you tell me how to fix this issue ? I'm a mobile-web developer so I need this version to test my products. For me, it's now great except wifi tethering and ADB. Very appreciate if you show me how to fix ADB issue.
  10. Try flashing again. It's work now. Thanks. Not sure which class my card is, but it's 4GB. I set up 512 for swap and 1024 for ext-partition. Its quite ok now, but Wifi tether not working. I have to use Barnacle Wifi Tether to share Internet connection.
  11. I've just flashed this 2.5.18 ROM. It stuck at boot. I have set up 512MB swap. Not sure how to fix.
  12. Found a new issue: camcorder not working. It's hang right after clicked "Record", then we have no way to stop it or back to Camera photo. If long-press "<" button, it's cant connect to camera afterward.
  13. Please provide a Mediafire link. I cant download from GDocs. It keeps being interrupted.
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