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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/rypr8y5xb4tubks/ShenDu-Blade-v2.0.4.zip
  2. Лучше пиши на 4pda, а не тут... Нужны логи, без них нчего не скажу. А роутер случайно не промсвязь M-200A (Он же ZTE ZXV10 W300)???? Если он, то я ничего не сделаю, это именно косяк модема, он не очень дружит с кастомными wpa_supplicant. Я сам из-за этого его менял... (и это не только с нашим телефоном, а со всеми аппаратами линейки ZTE)
  3. i got ascend g300 u8815 with ginger bread out of box. i hav upgraded it to official ics from manufacturer site. after when i tried to make a call it immediatly locking up the screen and unlocks after the call was ended. during the call screen does not respond at all. i tried all your roms but the issue contues with all tme roms. is it a hardware isuue . plzz help me...

  4. later, most likely on Tuesday or Wednesday. While there is no free time
  5. TEST: Need a test T9 mod dialer: This is a multilanguage t9 dialer. Available languages: Install: Flash MultilanT9_dialer.zip, after boot Contacts "Settings" -> "More contacts settings" -> "Rebuild index data". Leave feedback works on your language or not. Stock MIUI dialer Stock_dialer.zip
  6. ]обновление (update) :D how to translate "additional settings" into your language: translate two xml file and place here values.zip
  7. Need a link to the full repository Polish. I used two repositories: this http://crowdin.net/project/miui-rom-translation/pl and this https://github.com/Acid-miuipolskapl/XML_MIUI-v5/tree/master/Polish/main They are not complete, framework-res not translated
  8. need to change the file system/etc/vold.fstab. settings -> additional -> use external sd
  9. Polish translation is not full .... You need install MoreLocale 2 and enable Polish lang.
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