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  1. Thanks for that, Brian. I would be running CM10.2 but unfortunately can't because I need working bluetooth for the handsfree in my car. Have fun with JellyBeer. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Thanks for the large font in your post :D TTFN Neil
  2. I thought I'd share my experience of trials of various Jelly Bean ROMs on my Ascend P1. I've been running JB b315 EMUIv1.5 for some time now. It's a beta ROM but runs quite well on the P1 with JB v4.1.1. This is a european release which has recently been updated to b336 EMUIv1.5. There is an issue with GPS logs filling memory on both of these ROMs that can easily be fixed by altering settings in file gpsconfig.xml. Root required for this. There have been numerous JB v4.1.1 ROM releases for the Chinese market, b704 and b705 being most recent. I've tried both and I'd steer clear of b705, at least in the UK. I had many issues with network signal instability on the 3 network. b704 doesn't seem to have this problem. Again, both these ROMs exhibit the GPS log issue. I've also tried the PACman ROM which is based on Cyanogen JB 4.2.2. It's a nice ROM but a couple of apps (youtube in particular) was in a very, very small font. Unreadable for my 50yr old eyes. As was the settings menu. Seemingly no option to increase to a reasonable text size for my eyes. Now onto the choice I think I'll be staying with. JellyBeer 4.33 CM10.1 JB v4.2.2. It runs without fault and best of all is the battery life which way out-performs any other ROM I've tried. All the ROMs I've tried are on the following Spanish forum for use on CWM/TWRP with google translate to help if you don't do Spanish... Thank you to all the developers for their hard work. http://www.htcmania.com/forumdisplay.php?f=889 TTFN Neil
  3. I have an Ascend P1 that has a corrupted static splash screen. Should the geno tool work on the P1? If so I must be doing something wrong. I followed the above instructions and can select my chosen 480x800 jpg. I press the 1st button on the geno program and it comes up with a dialog box in chinese with the letters ADB. I have SDK and the P1/U9200 is recognised by my PC. What state does the phone need to be in so as to complete the process? TWRP running? Thanks Neil
  4. Superb. This has saved my P1 after I fooked it up trying to update to B605 EMUI ROM. Thank you so much. Neil
  5. I have a Y300 b176 stock rom rooted with the bootloader unlocked using the official huawei key. If I relock the bootloader will it prevent root access? Ta Neil
  6. glassblower

    Network unlock following custom ROM

    Cheers for that, mate. I have requested the BL unlock from huawei via their bootloader unlock webpage. They seem to be pretty quick, well they were for my Y300 code anyway. Network unlock from korter but huawei don't work weekends so prob monday for that. Seems like the chinese are getting weekends off now :D Neil
  7. glassblower

    Network unlock following custom ROM

    Thanks for that. I'll be installing the Slim v13 ICS ROM. Neil
  8. I've just bought a G300 very cheaply and the user has never upgraded to ICS or had the phone network unlocked from vodafone. Question: If I bootloader unlock/root and install a custom ROM with it locked to vodafone will I still be able to unlock the phone when my code arrives? Ta Neil
  9. Ok i've tried flashing each of the following ROMs b170, b175, b176, b178, b182 without any success. I'm pressing the vol+/vol- button then the power button. The phone enters forced update mode and a small bar appears in the centre of the screen and progresses along slowly in pink. There is no writing on the screen like unpacking etc... After about three minutes it hangs about a third of the way along and doesn't move any further. It certainly seems like the phone is well and truly fooked doesn't it.
  10. Ta mate. Unfortunately the easier way is not open to me. My mobile provider, 3UK, does not sell or even support the Y300. Downloading the 178 build shortly - will report back. Neil
  11. Thanks again for your help. I have downloaded and tried b176 that is a Czech Telefonica ROM. That gives the same result as b175 & b182. I will now work through the other ROMs on the list. Should one of the official huawei ROMs eventually work? BTW I now have the boot loader unlock key from huawei. I've run the fastboot OEM unlock procedure and fast boot appears to report a successful unlock but when I run fast boot get-bootinfo it reports the phone in a locked state and recovery error message. I have double checked the unlock key with huawei and they confirm it is correct.
  12. Thanks. I can only guess that it was running build b176 like the y300 I'm using now. As I said I've tried dload with b175 & 182 but without success. Unable to find b176 anywhere. Phone was sim free, no network lock.
  13. I have a Y300 that hangs at the Huawei logo on boot-up. I'm not sure what's been done to it before I got it but fastboot reports the bootloader is locked so at least the PC recognises it, which may be a starting point for me fixing the issue. It's a second phone and I bought it as non-functioning so I could get to understand android better. I have tried flashing a couple of official huawei ROMs (b175 & b182) using the dload folder update.app method but without success. When the volume+/volume- button is pressed with power button the phone enters the huawei forced update function and shows a simple pink progress bar (no text) which stops after around 1/3rd progress. The phone also refuses to boot into stock recovery via the volume+ & power button. Maybe it needs the bootloader unlock key from huawei before I can move further? I have tried requesting it by email from huawei, but they directed me to ask for it via their bootloader unlock request webpage. That's fine but obviously I can't get the 8 digit product ID from the phone which is required on their webpage. It won't let you submit a request without this 8 digit product ID. The ID must be unique to each phone because the one from my working Y300 isn't accepted by the page. Any ideas anyone? Thanks
  14. glassblower

    Three introduce new 3-2-1 PAYG plan

    This sounds like an excellent deal. I've been with three since 2006 when the coverage was a bit hit and miss. That's all changed now, in fact I would personally choose them over the once mighty vodafone.
  15. glassblower

    How to Debrand Orange Barcelona/Huawei Boulder

    Link for the kenya normal rom, orange barcelona. https://rapidshare.com/#!download|480p1|3044890251|U8350%20V100R001C00B626SP01%28Kenya%20Normal%29.rar|109249|0|0|1|referer-DAF34C154ADF41CF519116EE8ECD8888 Neil

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