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  1. Right, I am also not renewing. There's zero value to be gained here for Nexus devices.
  2. Any fixes incoming for Nexus devices? Extended power menu still not working on 4.3.
  3. Yes but he has been absent from these threads for more than just a few weeks. His last post in this thread was April 12 2013, and the last few releases had failed to patch up a missing mobile data tile that was an issue in February. If these ROMs are officially abandoned so be it, but at least an official pronouncement would be helpful.
  4. Some functions not working on 4.3 tilapia. The extended power menu doesn't appear even though that option is selected.
  5. Will this see an update to 4.3? The main thing I don't want to lose is tethering.
  6. Would it be possible to enable tethering on the N73G using this toolkit or another xposed plugin?
  7. The only way, AFAIK, to flash the N73G baseband is (I used fastboot): - Flash the baseband img - Flash stock recovery - Boot into stock recovery once and let it unpack - Then boot into the OS and check again. The radio partition you can flash to is just a holding area apparently.
  8. Just flashed the bake. Thanks for fixing tethering! However still no mobile data tile.
  9. I must say, attempting to bake on-device is nightmarish. My attempts: 1) Opened a link to the thread. Logged into Modaco. Selected my favourite options. The bake button is missing and it says I need a membership (I have one). 2) Logged in from a desktop. The bake button appears there. Huh? 3) Reloaded Chrome on-device. Still no bake button. 4) Killed Chrome and re-opened. Opened thread. Now there's a bake button. 5) Verified my choices again, and pressed bake. Instead of starting a download, WinZip opened. Apparently if you have WinZip installed on Android, it non-consensually steals zip links in order to "help" you out. Uninstalled WinZip. 6) Went back into Chrome and pressed the bake button again. It linked directly to modaco.com/store instead of doing anything. 7) Killed Chrome, reloaded bake page, verified options, pressed the bake button. Again it went to modaco.com/store. 8) Gave up and did the bake from a desktop.
  10. Apologies for cross posting. Baked a kitchen ROM, trying it now. Did you forget to put tethering back in? It's missing from the Wireless & Networks menu. I can activate it from quick settings but it doesn't seem to connect using my previous password. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
  11. I don't see any option to save kitchen options, nor does it seem to auto-save in any way that associates with my MoDaCo account. If anything it appears to save options on a per-browser basis (e.g. my tablet remembers options when I access them on-device and so does my computer, but when I change on one it doesn't remember on the other). Any thoughts?
  12. FWIW I bought a wifi case that covers the 3G microphone. I tried filming myself talking to the front facing camera with the tablet both in and out of the case, and I couldn't hear a difference in volume. Google Now can still understand me with the case on.
  13. Bump. Mine came with PRIMEKK14, and it got changed when I flashed it to yakju. But I'm wondering if anyone can provide a copy of PRIMEKK14 in case I need to flash back to shipping for warranty purposes.
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