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  1. As you say there are some other models like nokia, soni ericson, motorola etc but I would like to prefer samsung. It is my favorite company for smart phones. Ares Free Download
  2. lonniefilkins

    Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS Update Coming March 1

    Now Samsung has confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S2 update is landing next week .The problem with Android updates is the process is so staggered, leading to consumers getting angry at the length of time it takes them to receive the next generation of software.
  3. lonniefilkins

    FpseCE 0.10 is released !!!!!

    Ddon't think it can but if you have one you could always try and use the myphone program to set the options via pc but i doubt you would get very good results.
  4. lonniefilkins

    load state not working for pocketsnes

    I just tried to build v2 but got a compile error related to sscanf()
  5. I found PocketGBA, GameBoy Advance Emulator for PocketPC and i am going to try this right now..
  6. lonniefilkins

    How to uninstall Resco Task Manager

    The new the version 1.31released which fixes all problems.
  7. lonniefilkins

    Samsung SGH J600V unlook

    Just simply turned the phone on with the sim card in which the phone is locked to and entered the codes below one after the other in order. Then removed the sim card and turned the phone on with no sim in, when the "Insert Sim Card" message appeared entered the codes again. SUCCESS!
  8. Windows Media Player Mobile on the T-Mobile Dash supports playlists that are synchronized over from Windows Media Player, however it did not recognize our standard .please file. It did recognize the idv3 tags of our mp3 files, and also recognized the tags on our test WMA file. It did not however recognize the tags from an AAC file encoded in iTunes.
  9. lonniefilkins

    Windows Mobile Monitor

    Windows Mobile Monitor is a software application designed for cellphones running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0. The application runs silently and invisibly recording all text message and phone call activity that takes place on the phone. A desktop client application allows you to easily and quickly transfer the activity log to your own computer.
  10. lonniefilkins

    Where are the Outlook log files

    Thank you for nice information, I like your guide. keep up the good work continue.
  11. lonniefilkins

    how to block unwanted calls and sms ?

    Mobile subscribers can register their telephone number with the National Customer Preference Register by dialing a toll free number 1909 and by sending an SMS to 1909. You can then set your preference either via an IVR or with the help of a customer care executive. For registering and setting up the preference via SMS, the SMS message has to be sent in the following format to the number 1909.SMS “START 0” to 1909 for fully blocked option i.e. blocking all the calls and messages SMS “START <option>” to 1909 for partial blocking.
  12. lonniefilkins

    Where to get original ROM for the Nexus-S?

    The CyberGRMod ROM is another great ICS ROM for your rooted Nexus S. This ROM actually was referred to me by users on YouTube very often. As for the Nexus S ICS REMs, you might want to give this NexusBeam ICS ROM a try.

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