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  1. I recommend you: http://www.modaco.com/topic/348465-my-rom-i8000nxjj1-build-21916-rom-with-transparent-taskbars/ plus transparent taskbar from his first post and spb mobile shell with all that on phone you will have 76-87mb free ram. :D
  2. hi bobfrantic. the s2u2 worked fine for me. thanks. with that i have none probleme. ps. after reflashed my phone with all jj1 parts and your rom, i noticed, that the "x-probleme" disappeared. regarding s2u2 i have disabled all built-in windows classic and default lockscreens to no have two (double) lockscreens. Thanks again for your great work.
  3. Hi. I have a problem. After succesfully flashing your rom, and after a hard reset, I noticed with pleasure that this rom is really fast and stable, without ram problems. However, when the device is locked, aka with the windows classic lockscreen (press to unlock), when i have a call, or message, the phone vibrate (as i configured this way), but the screen remains at lockscreen without the proper indicators, like phone number and picture, sms text notification, etc. Please help me...
  4. thanks man, this worked for me. one thing: to change language from chinese (i suppose, sorry if ime wrong), you must observe the icons, then you could them change easely: - middle button - settings - "A" marked icon - first option - then from dropdown list you could pick any language. Have a nice day (like me :)))) )
  5. Hi I have tried several times to install this package but without succes. here are what i tried: 1. method: have installed cm2beta and overwrite whit this package - effect: no succes (freeze at boot screen Android on Omnia) 2. method: extract the archive to a formatted ext4 file system, and the haret, startup, zimage files on my storage - effect: the same as above 3. method: the same but with updated kernel and modeules - effect the same Please how do you succed installing? maybe a video tutorial?
  6. Hi MinL. Another question: can you make an autoinstaller from your package like the cm2beta? for newbies. thanks. (ps. i tried edit ext4 partition from vmware image but without succes.)
  7. can i install somehow your pack as an update to an existing cm2beta installation?
  8. Thanks for your reply, I will try soon, now i have some works, but at night i will try for sure. Thanks once more.
  9. Hi MinL. Regarding the install process. I cant istall yours rom. I must install cyanogenmod beta 2 firstly (that forlder o2beta has a androidisntall.exe) and after "update" with yours, or just launch haret.exe from your package, and whait...? Thanks for reply. And sorry for misunderstand...
  10. nope. that is what happens even after hard reset. even after install that custom metro-style taskbar. Even more: with all jj1 rom i have the same result (stock firmware, or custom fw)... maybe my screen need a replacement? :(((
  11. Hi. Firstly i would thank for this great rom. Its realy fast. Howewer i have a problem. I cant click the x button on top right. Always when i click that x-mark, it appears the context menu with connection, wifi, bt and other buttons. I must kill apps within task manager. Howewer when i install a program, i cant go further since i cant click the ok-button from top right of the screen. please help. thx.
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