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  1. Hey everyone! This rom is very stable and very good, but i have a problem: MX player "lagging" when playing a divx video. Does anybody know why? And one more: What is the optimal performance setup for Skate? Because if i using SmartassH3 (min 245, max 902) with SIO i often got reboots, freezing and exiting from apps.
  2. Hey everyone! I got a problem: my phone get freezed and reboots when i running the Google play. Has anybody got this problem too?
  3. I got sometimes reboots for example when i using Sygic for a long time. :S Will be there any chance for Fm radio in this rom ?
  4. Is anybody else who got problem with calls? the person who talk to me, VERY quiet!! is there possible any voice boost?
  5. Has anybody else problem with voice dials? The other people voice is too quiet!!!!!! Is this a know issue?
  6. Tilal have you fixed the message issue? (when you have a lot of message and you want to delete what is most below and it deletes the top message)
  7. Please help me: How can i root this rom? because i used a zte-root.zip from CWM and the rom can't boot...
  8. Can somebody tell me how to install this rom in to my phone? ( i mean what i needed to wipe in CWM and in what order) Please help me. :)
  9. Bluetooth seems not working And use nova launcher because defaulr launcher is not good
  10. Can i install a new build of iceskater without erasing all data, like an update? ( i got now the march 9 build)
  11. There is one more little problem. Calls: when the other people talks its a bit quiet. Can you make somee boost Tilal? And more little bug. I think when you press the power button the airplane mode text on and off are swapped
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