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  1. Here I don't have any lag ... I've made a swap partition of 256Mb and (activate it with swapper2) on SD.
  2. I finally made this ROM works on my Blade (Brazilian - Chinese) with 256Mb!!! And the solution its quite simple hehehe Just have a swap partition on SD and voilá ... it simply works! I've just a little bit of lag after install Google+, Dropbox and Facebook. But nothing serious. And about the camera fix, thanks tilal6991, you are the best!!!
  3. I'll try to make a mod to get back the default status bar. Testing ... Edit: Nothing ... I sign the zip file, but Clockwork don't accept it .. the installation failed.
  4. There is some way to get back the default status bar (clock position, no circle battery, etc.), after the installation of some mod?
  5. md5 checked: md5 Pre-CM9-AOKP-REMIX-RC6.1fix-BLADE-full-signed.zip MD5 (Pre-CM9-AOKP-REMIX-RC6.1fix-BLADE-full-signed.zip) = 9721f62ba4b08fd07dbfa45bcf254a59 Do I need to install the 5.9.1 version previously?
  6. Yes, wiped everything ... dalvik, cache, data, system ... I do not know what more to do ... I tried to remove the bootanimation (maybe some problem with that file), but when I make the zip again, the install procedure give me a fail message ...
  7. It's just me or all the ICS roms have some against my Blade? :S I have just a bootanimation loop. Cleaned everithing, formated everything (just not the sdcard), wiped with every option on Clockwork ... and nothing. It just do not boot. Any clue? I have a 220Mb system partition ... maybe this version of Android is not compatible with the chinese Blade (256Mb RAM)?
  8. Yes ... I always do the full wipe ... formatting everything ... cleaning all ... etc .. etc ...
  9. After lots of tests, it`s that what I have: - The ROM update-cm-9.0.0-alpha7-Blade-KANG-signed works, but only boot if plugged; - The ROM update-cm-9-20120331-NIGHTLY-blade-signed just don`t complete the first boot (stuck in boot animation). Tried full wipe several times and even boot without sd-card. I`m trying to remake the partitions, but cannot figure out how to apply the new TPT on my blade (it`s chinese) ... any tip?
  10. The ROM is incompatible with the chinese (i`m from Brazil) Blade (with a stock 220Mb system partition)? I just can`t pass the boot animation logo ... The CM9 Alpha 7 works, but only boot with USB cable plugged in.
  11. Before ... it do not boot even the first time. I always make a full wipe between installs. The md5sums are ok too. About 20 minutes waiting ... I notice that the animation have some slowdowns, but after that it continue running normal ... The CM9 alpha 7 worked, but just boot if the USB cable is plugged (wall or computer). Very strange.
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