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  1. Updated Changelog 23/04/2013 •Synched with latest androidarmv6 repository •Fix hardware acceleration issue in lock screen (circle was broken)
  2. Updated ROM: http://d-h.st/kCK Changelog 25/04/2013 Synched with latest androidarmv6 repository Fix green bar on top of videos (Thanks to C3C0)
  3. @C3C0 How did you fix the green bat that appers on top of youtube videos?
  4. Add tiles network mode, I am working with 3G just fine HSDPA
  5. Yes You can add them to toggle from tiles
  6. Mine lasts for more than 15 hours with full brightness and 3G on and WIFI standby
  7. Try to make a clean install, wipe everything
  8. Now trackball issue has been fixed :D
  9. Eloimuns check updated at: https://github.com/MohamedAtiea/android_system_core
  10. For the notification light you can make it green for sms Settings > System > Notification light > and click on Default then move color picker to top right of the screen and choose the cyan color then click on test you will find it green
  11. If I were you I'll do it in a trial and Error way ;), also what is the trackball you are talking about?
  12. There are a lot of bug fixes but actually I don't track it, also I tilal included C3C0 new updated KSGL libs, alot
  13. I usually backup all apps and contacts and make a fresh install then restore.

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