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  1. It seems there is some problems with TWRP when it comes to backups and sd-ext, One fix for this is to go to settings and set it to use rm -rf over formatting (That fixes the formatting problems. As for backing up? I have no idea yet but I'll have a go at fixing it.
  2. I'll have a look at that now, I swear backups worked for me though..... Yeah it doesn't work for doing full backups. I'm working with the twrp devs though to fix this problem asap.
  3. I'm not using tilals build, I'm making a custom rom and want room for improvements and other such stuff.
  4. Everything seems to work perfectly with your new settings. Good job! :D Anyone have a 220mb system tpt? TPT Helper isn't working for me D:
  5. I have no idea if I'm completley honest with you, I finished this all at about 5AM so I only really tested USB mounting and made sure the colours were okay.
  6. @tilal: I tried compiling your modified settings but ColdFusionX.java keeps throwing errors about CFX_STATUSBAR_TRANSPARENCY variable not being called and such, Any idea why this is happening?
  7. Here is an updated version of the recovery tilal uploaded. USB mounting is working and the colours are correct. Note: It may be flipped for some people, reply here if you have a flipped version. http://www.mediafire.com/?t5bwbm4i9rc7srk
  8. Heres a Camera.apk with the option to disable the focus sound, I think that's what you where talking about. http://www.mediafire.com/?z7uprab2cfaccc7
  9. Tilal just wondering if there is a way to use patchrom on ColdFusionX rather than AOSP, is that possible?
  10. My build is the same as tilals build but is fully up to sync with CM9 as of yesterday about 8PM. It will probably look/feel exactly the same as tilals last build but for me it somehow has better battery life. It also has everything working that tilals build has, and everything that's broken in tilals build will also be broken. Sorry for the late replies, had to go to college.
  11. I was thinking exactly the same thing, but in a straight line and bold text... Dunno though (for the icon)
  12. Just got the build to work. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?c271ckzjn903tr8 Please note: I did not create any part of this rom, I just compiled it. Do NOT ask me for help as I cannot provide it unless it's to do with flashing.
  13. egl.cfg libGLES_android.so That's the output which I already know is incorrect. Can I just move the vendor files over or will that not work? Also where should the vendor files be? I have them in ~/cm9/vendor/zte/ is that not correct?
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