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  1. Hi, After 18 months fof heavy duty use, my screen was barely readable, so I decided to clean it. I carefully disassembled the Skate, cleaned my screen (yeehaa!!), but after reassembling, there is a faint red hue all over my screen. This annoys me even more than the dust. All connectors appear to be properly reattached. Does anybody know what this could be, and how I can fix it? Thanks!
  2. mhstrijbos

    Crazy headset behaviour

    Crazy huh....I guess the problem solved itself now....curious when it will reappear...
  3. Hi, I am running CFX3 with Poweramp (paid version). Used to work incredibly, but now, after I disconnect my headset, and reconnect, the sound will not be redirected to my headset but to my speakers. Has somenone encountered this weird behaviour? Tried reinstalling, rebooting, toggling start-stop on headset reconnect.... Thanks! M
  4. mhstrijbos

    Favorite OverClock App

    The one built in into cm.
  5. I have the same issues only Belgian medion skate with Google navigation..
  6. This is one wicked ROM!!! Amazin, the speed at which the updates are released! I have to issues/questions though: 1. I cannot get a GPS fix with this ROM, does anybody else has this problem 2. The pie doesn't work with the phone upright.
  7. Don't get past boot logo in PAJelly 2...
  8. Works with rotated screen and look gorgeous, but not with my phone upright. Is this normal
  9. I have turned on Pie, but I dont see it. How do I make it visible?
  10. Youre phone could explode or you could accidentally cause World War III....therefore beter read the tutorials in the stickies.
  11. Very curious about this one.... Ceco, amazing what you can make the skate do....

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