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  1. armageddon97

    Help - Links

    So I tought my liquid metal was dead. But just plugged it in for a final check and it worked again! There's a custom rom on it, but I want to put the stock rom back. Is there a download for? What are the steps I need to do? Thanks in advanced never the les, I'm gonna stick with my Xperia T but who knows I will do some android dev. on this phone ;)
  2. armageddon97


    Hello people, I just started a new youtube chanel and I was wondering if there may be some people intrested to help make video's, If you have a good camera, can make phone review's , app reviews, ect. Add me on skype Riyan.fransen [email protected] Greetz
  3. armageddon97

    Phone for testing

    Hello I have my acer liquid mt for a year now and I switched to a xperia T now (great phone) so what that means is that maybe, I can test some roms for some dev. out there, so if you have a some what stable rom, I'm always prepared to test (;
  4. armageddon97

    5ghz wifi

    Does our phone has 5ghz wifi?
  5. armageddon97

    New phone

    Thats it, I switched tot the xperia t, alsmede Phone, was nice to be here on this side of the forum ;)
  6. armageddon97

    internet problem

    Had same problem, een do your apn's
  7. armageddon97

    Should I buy this phone?

    thanks for the reply, does maybe annyone know when there various companies are going to launch there new devices? including acer? is there a confrence in the near futur? also toughts about LG optimus L9 or optimus 4x hd?
  8. armageddon97

    Should I buy this phone?

    Thanks for al the reply's. And BTW I'm from Belgium (; It wass just thinking of it... I want a Phone that can last me for more than a year.. and also like to have custom roms ect. the thing holding me down is, it has a duelcore snapdragon s4.... but is it not better to wait for the quadcore midragers? I was also looking for the LG optimus 4x hd, comes at the market for like 350 euros... does annyone else have other sugetstions? should i wait for the quadcore phones? SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH
  9. armageddon97

    Should I buy this phone?

    What are you thoughts about this phone? Pro's Con's? I'm thinking of buying this phone as upgrade from acer liquid metal.
  10. armageddon97

    Jellybean on metal, is it going to happen?

    Can't we change the stat. from acer~ from newbie to dev or so? He deserves it! sorry for my bad english
  11. armageddon97

    [Help][CM9]In search of new PC

    If you ever need some pc horse power contact me @ [email protected] Phenom II X4 965 3.7Ghz 4Gb ddr3 1600Mhz HD 7770 and over 500Gb Free runnig w7 64bit ;)
  12. armageddon97


    If you need dutch translation, I can help you (;
  13. I was just about going to say that Acer liquid metal dev. is dead... but lets try with the new dev's. I hope they can do it!!
  14. I really want to help, but I don't know anything about programming, but if I can do else, or something with pc, I'm your man, iI really want 4.0.4!!

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