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  1. Can someone tell me... How to install a clean official ROM?? I bought an ZTE SKATE from Greece and i want to install a clean ROM with all apps (android market etc) Plz Help me how to do it...! i have an system.img recovery.img and boot.img but how to install them at my phone? i tryed with clockwrokmod but i just return my phone to Android recovery system (3a) after this i dont know how but i install CWM and i dont have any backup from my old anroid rom... so plz help... :P
  2. A23GR

    Help my Skate is dead/unresponsive

    no instroductions how to install a factory rom with all apps....
  3. A23GR

    Help my Skate is dead/unresponsive

    evrything ok i solved the prob now i have CWM v4.01.4 i just want to know how can i install at my phone a stock rom i have the rom but i dont know to make a clean install with all programms (android market etc..) plz help
  4. A23GR

    Help my Skate is dead/unresponsive

    plz help i have the same problem as someone here and my phone dont update nothing just say this i bought my Zte skate from Greece i make a folder as u said image with an image.bin inside i press home vol up and power but nothing... my phone show me again the same.... Android system recovery <3e>.... etc plz help me!

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